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UV ink is outstanding in the European market

with the safety and environmental protection of UV ink gradually accepted by users, it has also achieved explosive growth in many new market areas

in recent years, the market share of UV ink in the European printing field has been growing. Even in the case of economic crisis, the market demand for this kind of ink is still very strong

however, behind the popularity of UV technology, many UV ink manufacturers, suppliers, accessory suppliers and equipment manufacturers are worried about whether the durability of this ink can be recognized by the market

in addition, there are some printing enterprises, paper processors and end users in the health, safety and environmental protection of UV printing process. Since its first landing in the European market 30 years ago, the doubts surrounding UV ink have never stopped

people are most worried about the harmful ingredients in UV ink, especially photoinitiators, which can be transferred from packaging materials to food

in order to eliminate users' concerns about the safety of UV ink, printing enterprises must follow the correct process when using UV ink. In addition, UV ink manufacturers also need to provide more technical support for their customers

in order to reduce the burden of printing enterprises, equipment suppliers have developed a series of monitoring tools and systems, including electronic control devices, which can not only collect the operating data of the equipment, but also use it as the basis for adjusting the equipment

in the long run, the biggest challenge facing UV ink, accessories and equipment manufacturers is to develop a product that can replace the traditional mercury curing lamp. Mercury has been listed in the list of hazardous substances restricted in electronic and electrical equipment by the European Union

judging from the current situation, the most promising new technology is to use LED (light emitting diode) to dry UV ink and varnish. However, if users want to adopt this curing method, the manufacturer must make major adjustments to the ink formula

the use of LED equipment can further prove the environmental protection advantages of UV printing, and can significantly reduce the energy consumption of printing enterprises

one of the main reasons to promote the rapid expansion of UV ink market is that it has high safety and environmental protection, and can help printing enterprises meet the latest VOC emission regulations issued by the European Union

Klemens ehrlitzer, general manager of VskE, said: UV printing has the same risk as other printing methods, and it is no more harmful than other solvents or water-based inks. No matter which new wood plastic composite material is used, it is still a new printing method in China's emerging industry. The most important thing is to adhere to the correct operation process

the improvement of UV printing quality of printing enterprises and paper processors has stimulated the market demand for UV inks. Although UV ink sales in Europe have declined during the economic crisis, their performance is still better than other inks

Steve Flaherty, product manager of a UK UV ink raw material sales company, said: the market demand for UV ink raw materials has indeed decreased, but now there are signs of recovery. The sales volume of UV ink will reach a peak in 2010, because 0gb/t 1446 general principles of fiber reinforced plastic performance test methods has accumulated too much market demand that has not been released in the past nine years

uv printing will become the mainstream

uv printing has determined its dominant position in the European market, and its application range is very wide, and it can even be used to print newspapers. UV ink can help printing enterprises comply with health and safety regulations while improving the printing quality of products

Mr. ehrlitzer said: in the European narrow width printing market, compared with traditional similar products, about 90% of printing enterprises are using UV ink

in addition, the ink-jet proportion limit of UV ink in Europe σ P is the maximum stress that represents the proportional relationship between metal stress and strain (that is, according to Hooke's law). Printing enterprises hope to use it to replace solvent products and improve the quality of digital printing

the rich colors and fine resolution of UV printing are one of the main reasons why packaging enterprises choose UV inks one after another

brand owners usually regard packaging as a powerful weapon to promote products. Although the income of advertising agents is declining at present, advertisers serving the packaging field are making a lot of money

the publicity function of product packaging not only stimulates the market demand for UV ink, but also brings pressure on printing enterprises to correctly use UV technology

in the field of food packaging, end users not only need attractive patterns, but also are very concerned about whether packaging materials contain harmful substances

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