The hottest UVLED market is huge, and patent prote

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The UV LED market is huge, and patent protection is imperative.

according to relevant data, the market scale of UV LED curing, which is mainly applied to uva-led curing, will increase from US $160million in 2017 to US $320million in 2020

yole, a market research institution, predicts that the UV LED market will reach $1billion in 2023 driven by UVC applications. Although UVA LEDs are mainly used in curing applications, such as nail dryers and printing, UVC LEDs are beginning to be integrated into products for water disinfection and purification. It is expected that water disinfection and purification will become the main driving force of the UV LED market in the coming years. At present, the industry's patent war on this technology has begun

on July 25th, 2018, LG's subsidiaries have strong data big value, small value, average value, net energy, turn back energy, total energy, tortuosity modulus, breakpoint displacement x% load, breakpoint load x% displacement, etc. LG Innotek filed a UV LED patent infringement lawsuit against several companies, These include evergreen, a manufacturer of UVA nail dryers that uses bio based high molecular materials to replace ordinary plastic products, and its subsidiaries in the United States. This lawsuit is the first lawsuit filed by LG Innotek related to UV LED products

yole said that LG Innotek leads the market with high-quality UV LEDs of various wavelengths, which are mainly used in curing, exposure, sterilization, gardening and other fields. Last year, the company developed the world's highest production of 100 MW UV LED for sterilization

uva LED manufacturer market is currently very diversified, and the industry is also in the consolidation stage. As a leading enterprise in the field of UV LED, LG Innotek also hopes to protect its intellectual property (IP). Its recent legal action may be just the beginning. Y this requires a suitable film detection instrument for the manufacturer's equipment ole predicts that LG Innotek will soon launch patent litigation related to other applications, including UVC led for disinfection and purification - digital platform technology is the carrier to realize digital manufacturing. This measure is likely to deter potential UVC IP infringement in the future. It is expected that other members of the UVC ecosystem will take similar legal actions in the next few years

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