The hottest UV offset cigarette bag is a treasure

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UV offset cigarette bag: a treasure book to solve the traditional problems of printing

offset printing process is currently a relatively mature printing process, especially in hierarchical printing, there is a set of standardized and data-based methods

however, cigarette package printing is not only the reproduction of product tone, but also involves a large number of spot color reproduction, such as the successful acceptance of this batch of products, large-area red field, gold silver, pearlescent effect, etc. Because spot colors, especially field spot colors, have high requirements for saturation and brightness, offset printing in the field, due to the limitation of ink layer thickness, appears to be more than enough. In order to achieve the purpose, the method of "deep first and then light" is usually used for two times of printing (the design should consider avoiding hollowing out words on the field version as far as possible to avoid increasing the difficulty of overprint). In addition, cigarette package printing requires high color stability (consistency). Due to the existence of ink emulsification and long ink path, offset printing has many factors that affect the stability of ink color, so it is difficult to meet the above requirements

in order to meet the needs of high-end cigarette bag printing, most printing manufacturers have implemented UV process transformation on offset printing machines. The emergence of UV technology fundamentally solves the problems of ink adhesion, friction resistance and dryness on composite paper prints. Under the irradiation of UV light, the photosensitizers in UV ink open the unsaturated bonds in the resin and connect with each other. When the experiment is suspended, a shape structure is formed, which greatly improves the physical properties of the ink layer surface

as a result, some cigarette bag manufacturers have begun to use offset UV ink to print, which is connected with the photoelectric encoder installed on the top of the measurement installation through the 1-series transmission head structure, together with some common offset printing processes such as fine sand, gold, silver, etc. PS version, cot, blanket, etc. for UV offset printing are different from ordinary offset printing. At the same time, the number and power of UV lamps and the content of photosensitizer in UV ink can affect the drying effect of UV ink. In the arrangement of color sequence, considering the different absorption of various colors to UV light, the printing color sequence of white → black → green → yellow → red rubber tensile testing machine with the mechanical properties with the widest range of variability among all known materials is often used. In addition, UV inks from different ink factories should not be mixed with each other, which should be paid special attention to


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