The hottest UV inkjet disc printer

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UV ink-jet disc printer

recently, sunchem launched a UV ink-jet electromagnet designed for disc printing. The exciting winding of the electromagnet is its load printer project, which is especially suitable for high-temperature parts 37. This printer can print short version more effectively, and can print all the desired patterns on the CD. This printer was developed by Sun Chemical in cooperation with opytrax technologies, which should use single 1 material. It is understood that copytrax technologies is a company specializing in the production of printing and coating equipment for the CD and DVD markets. The project 37 printer is controlled by professional software and has an inkjet array composed of 24 Xaar omnidot 318 piezoelectric on-demand multi pulse gray-scale print heads, so it can ensure high-quality image output. Sun chemical company claims that project 37 can use special UV curing ink to complete the printing of optical discs within 3 seconds. It can be said that the project 37 printer has brought high-quality digital printing solutions to the field of CD production

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