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Uvy laser pattern imprinting transfer production line helps color box printing (Part 2)

■ image analysis system

at present, due to the problem of plate mold seam in the laser film manufacturing process, the plate seam is copied on the laser film, so that there is a dislocation of the "print pattern" joint caused by plate seam when the laser film is directly compounded or the laser aluminized film is transferred to the print. The laser film used for imprint transfer is transparent, so it is difficult to avoid the plate seam with conventional control means. To solve this problem, this production line adopts image analysis system and transmission compensation mechanism, which solves the problem that domestic and foreign printers and printer manufacturers have been working hard to study but failed to achieve their wishes

■ paper receiving machine table

after the printed matter is separated from the laser film, the film material is recycled upward and rewound, and the product is adsorbed on the conveyor belt and sent to the paper receiving machine table

the paper receiving machine adopts pneumatic control devices such as paper aligning reciprocating vibrating plates on both sides and end positioning baffle plates to ensure the neat collection of finished products. It also has a non-stop paper receiving mechanism in the printing process, which effectively reduces the pause time when the finished paper stack is collected in the printing process, and has high production efficiency

■ electrical control

this machine has a high degree of automation and stable and reliable performance; The electric control center adopts the imported famous brand programmable controller (PLC), which is operated through the human-machine interface - touch screen, with strong humanization, intuitive and simple operation

■ finished products after embossing

the products processed by this production line are shiny, dazzling, with faint patterns and extraordinary style. Viewed from different angles, they show different patterns, give people a novel aesthetic feeling, and push the printed products to a higher level (see Figure 2)

the laser pattern imprinting transfer production line developed by Jinlan machinery has formed a series, with different specifications and functions for users to choose

parameter item uvy-92uvy-1040 maximum working width (mm) 650 × nine hundred and fifteen thousand seven hundred and forty × 1040 minimum working width (mm) 393 × five hundred and forty-six thousand three hundred and ninety-three × 546 maximum printing area (mm) 640 × nine hundred and ten thousand seven hundred and thirty × 1030 paper weight widely solicits design creativity (g/m2) 90~35090~350 resin version size (mm) 1.16 × nine hundred and twenty × seven thousand six hundred and one point one six × one thousand and fifty × 820 maximum diameter of film material (mm) 800800 maximum width of film material (mm) maximum speed (sheet/h) overall dimension (L × b × h)(M)13 × three point eight three × 4.213.3 × three point nine five × 4.2 note ① when the paper density is less than 150g/m2, its width should be less than 650mm; ② The functions of thin paper, skip sewing and non-stop paper feeding also point out the direction for the development of plastic granulator technology in China, which can be selected by users


① when the paper density is less than 150g/m2, its width should be less than 650mm

② the functions of tissue paper, skip sewing and paper feeding without stopping are selected by the user

The successful development of laser pattern imprinting transfer production unit has solved the problems that many printing enterprises have been unable to solve, and brought new printing processes to the printing industry. Since the production line was put into the market, it has been deeply concerned by many large printing enterprises. The printers who use the production line are Shenzhen Jinjia, Dongguan Hucai, Huizhou Zhiyuan, Jiangyin Unicom, Shantou golden leaf, Shenzhen jianian, Yunnan Tongyin, Shaanxi golden leaf, Shantou Jinshi, Henan Golden Mango, Jiangxi moon rabbit, Chongqing Jiuzhou, Xiamen Guanlan, Samsung gumbak Cardine Co., Ltd. of South Korea and other large printing manufacturers at home and abroad, It has won high praise and praise from large tobacco enterprises and cigarette bag printing enterprises at home and abroad. In the European, American and Asian markets, it has formed a sales agent partner with Japanese needs Engineering Co., Ltd. Printing products have broad market prospects

brief introduction of Jinlan packaging machinery factory

Jinlan packaging machinery factory is located in Shantou Special Economic Zone, a beautiful city on the coast of the South China Sea with spring like seasons. The factory has an experienced scientific research team and skilled mechanical processing and assembly personnel. For many years, it specializes in the production of printing and packaging machinery, is committed to the research and development of high-tech products, and enjoys a high reputation among users. The main products produced are: various series of semi-automatic and full-automatic laminating machines, polishing machines, calenders, UV and far red dual-purpose polishing machines, embossing machines (3) "environmental simulation": at present, paper calenders, paperboard semi-automatic and full-automatic laminating machines, coating machines, uvy series laser pattern embossing transfer production lines (see figure 1) and other equipment

source: Huicong printing industry channel

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