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On March 19, Beijing time, Canada's largest telecommunications company plans to acquire astral media for $3billion. According to foreign media reports, a new case will emerge in the combination of the telecommunications industry and the media content industry: Recently, Bell Canada, Canada's largest telecommunications operator, announced that it will invest $3billion to acquire astral media, the country's television media group

the media commented that with the popularity of many board computers and intelligence in China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade and export, more and more telecom operators hope to obtain more digital content and expand to the field of content providers. Bell Canada's move is the latest example

Greg MacDonald, an analyst at Macquarie Securities, said that all companies are repositioning, and mobile operators, cable network operators, and telecommunications companies are buying content providers, or even buying content themselves

Bell Canada will obtain more than 20 TV channels under astral media, including HBO Canada, movie network channel, Disney youth channel, canal vie, etc. bell will also obtain more than 80 radio stations, including virgin radio sample deformation measurement: through large deformation measurement system or electronic extensometer (small deformation measurement) O, EZ rock and boom, etc

in addition, through astral's French TV and radio content, Bell Canada will also enhance its competitiveness in the Quebec media market

it is reported that in addition to television stations, astral also owns many digital media assets, and has more than 10000 outdoor billboards in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and other places. Throughout Canada, the company employs 2800 employees who are considered to operate the space

the value of Belga vanadium returned and was repaired to a certain extent. Nada said it would complete the acquisition through cash and common shares

the media also commented that in view of the leading positions of Bell Canada and astral in various fields, the acquisition will face certain anti-monopoly review pressure from the government. Sohu it

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