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Tektronix introduces easier to use afg3000c series arbitrary waveform/function generator

Tektronix introduces easier to use afg3000c series arbitrary waveform/function generator

-- the new series of products include two new 50 MHz models and provide active LCD display, Easier to test the occurrence signal

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ctiforum November 30 news (Fanyi): tech, the leading manufacturer of the global oscilloscope market, recently announced that it would launch a more easy-to-use new solar powered aircraft cockpit shell, using a polyurethane foam series arbitrary waveform/function generator with a density of less than 40 kg/cubic meter --afg3000c, Two new 50 MHz models have been added. All models of afg3000c series now support active LCD display, which makes it easier for users to view waveform parameters and waveforms as long as they are in the center of the folding table

by adding 50 MHz models, tech now has the most extensive and comprehensive arbitrary waveform/function generator products in the industry, with a bandwidth range of 10 MHz - 240 MHz, a sampling rate of up to 2 gs/s, and a voltage amplitude of up to 20 VP-P. Based on the ease of use and flexibility of afg3000b series, afg3000c series provides a large-size and bright color display screen, special front panel buttons for key parameters, and dual output functions

Wei Gao, general manager of value signal sources product line of Tektronix, said that afg3000c series now has nine models, which can adapt to a wide range of applications and budget levels. At the same time, its first-class performance can ensure the accurate reproduction of signals. With the upgraded display, users can more easily check whether their settings are correct, so that they can focus on the work at hand

the dual output function of afg3000c model is not only equivalent to two signal generators, but also can be synchronized easily. To help generate arbitrary waveforms, the afg3000c series is pre loaded with arbexpress software at the factory. Using this PC software, waveforms from any Tektronix oscilloscope or defined by standard functions, formulars and waveform mathematical operations can be seamlessly imported

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afg3000c series arbitrary waveform/function generator is now available worldwide

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