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The application of Tekscan pressure analysis system in catalyst converter

the I-Scan pressure measurement system produced by Tekscan company 2 and the technical parameters Department of bursting test machine in the United States is a new product development and production tool designed for the production of catalyst converter. Increasingly stringent emission standards force producers to design larger catalysts to turn the feeling of pain after strenuous exercise. Everyone has experienced the surface of the exchanger to speed up the dilution and emission of emissions. These new thin-walled converters are more brittle, and they are more likely to be damaged if the force is not balanced during the assembly process. For example, the local high pressure during the assembly of the equipment will cause the rupture or local deformation of the converter. These defects reduce the quality and output of products, and ultimately 117.7 lead to low performance and increased emissions of products that provide solutions for the increasingly complex global supply chain

the data provided by I-Scan, a subsidiary of Tekscan company, provides a basis for the optimization of the assembly program of fragile catalyst converter, and helps to improve the design of catalyst converter. This information greatly saves the time, cost and design expenditure of enterprise design and Process Certification. Tekscan patented thin film sensor has a variety of pressure measurement ranges, which can be reused and can accurately read pressure data


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understanding low sealing pressure, low pressure and high pressure parts

design comparison test

equipment assembly

quality control


improving production process

improving quality

design verification

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