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Ted Kelly is the new vice president of Solys Asia Pacific region

since the merger of Solys and BASF paper and water treatment chemicals business, Ted Kel has become the new vice president of Solys Asia Pacific region, such as reversible deformation (elasticity), irreversible deformation (plasticity), fracture (brittle fracture, ductile fracture, fatigue fracture, etc.) caused by different loads and the measurement index of metal resistance to deformation and fracture ly, So far, it has been more than April. During this period, with the help of the team, Ted kept exploring and moving forward bravely in a brand-new environment, trying to build a strong team integrating the advantages of Solis and BASF, and creating a company that can better solve problems for customers - Solis

focus on the present and fully integrate into the team

Ted has his own views on how to become an excellent leader. He focused on the team members and actively understood what their work priorities were and how they cooperated ldquo; The supply side structural reform not only reduces production capacity, but also promotes the overall operation of the company. He also spent a lot of time on exploring the market strategy of the new product portfolio after the merger of the papermaking and water treatment chemicals business, especially on applications and technologies. At the same time, as a new leader in the Asia Pacific region of solice, Ted is committed to understanding the key customers in the Asia Pacific region and grasping their needs, so as to better serve them before the advent of Halloween every year

in the past time, Ted has witnessed the strong action force of Solis team and experienced the complementary and collaborative forces within the team. As a member of the team, he felt proud, but also more convinced that Solis team will achieve more in the future

looking to the future, the integration team has continued to work

since the merger, solice has made many outstanding achievements in the integration of papermaking and water treatment chemicals business. Ted and his colleagues work together to build a harmonious team to better serve customers, face the market with a collaborative and consistent attitude, and strive to achieve sustainable results. In order to achieve this goal, Ted and his team adopted a series of tools and processes consistent with the global team, such as the company's customer management process, business opportunity management tools, and shared the operation and project process with customers

next, Ted plans to "go on the road": visit customers in person, contact different teams, and visit the production site on the spot. On the basis of further understanding all aspects of Solis' business, Ted hopes to confirm which products and chemical components can bring Solis the greatest competitive advantage; And what kind of synergy Solis can bring to the market through its new product portfolio

new environment, balance work and life

after work, Ted also fully enjoys the company of his family and appreciates life in a new environment. Early in Ted's career, he lived and worked in Asia for five years. This is the ninth time Ted and his wife have moved to Shanghai. Before that, he and his wife lived in a small German town. The vibrant atmosphere of Shanghai has brought them exciting new feelings

ted frankly said that starting life in a new place will always have various challenges, and even meet a little inconvenient, but this is offset by the excitement of experiencing a new culture. After work, he and his wife went out as much as possible to experience the beauty of the city - food, cultural landscape, beautiful skyline and architecture. In the future, they are also looking forward to traveling in China and other parts of Asia to further experience different landscapes and cultures

facing the future, Ted is full of expectations. He encourages all employees of Solis to continue to promote the building of a stronger and more customer-centric Solis with an open mind and firm determination

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