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What is the difference between Tek wireless cordless vacuum cleaner ak66 and Tek Wireless Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner A8? Good evaluation

tek wireless cordless vacuum cleaner hot selling recommendation: Tek wireless cordless vacuum cleaner ak66 and Tek Wireless Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner A8. What are the functions and differences of these two vacuum cleaners? The following is a collection of the latest evaluation and comparison of friends who use this vacuum cleaner. I hope you can refer to and compare with friends who need it

I. Tek Wireless Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner household small charging A8 hair large suction power from the domestic perspective, power strong mite removal

user comments are as follows:

when it comes to this vacuum cleaner, I have spent a lot of twists and turns. It can also be regarded as fate. This vacuum cleaner is very cost-effective compared with a certain kind of vacuum cleaner. It is close to the people's price, convenient to use and maintain, and the two batteries are very practical. I like strong suction, The mite removing suction head on the tall one is very awesome. It's not easy to remove this head. Maybe it's the new machine that needs to be run in. It has been used for half a month. I found that my family has become diligent. In places that I don't usually clean, it's convenient to use this cordless vacuum cleaner, which supports domestic brands

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II. Tek wireless cordless vacuum cleaner household hand-held small mite removal, dust removal and allergy prevention dog hair ak66 carpet

warranty of 5 years, 30 days return and replacement

User Evaluation: this suction suction suction floor is OK, the suction mattress bed is a little bad for grade 2-4 reinforced mattresses, the body is relatively light, the dust collection box is still a little hard to clean the resin used in plastic products and films, there are many suction heads of various sizes, but there are only 1 commonly used Two, two batteries are relatively convenient. The mold of roast battery is rough and the edge is uneven. The glass cleaner I gave you is useless. It looks very high-end

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III. The latest comparative evaluation of TEK wireless cordless vacuum cleaners:

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