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Teknor apex acquires DSM's sarlink TPV business unit

teknor apex acquires DSM's sarlink TPV business unit, saying that this business unit and the company's existing diversified hybrid business are "a match made in heaven"

putakit, Rhode Island, September 15, 2010: teknor apex announced today that, The company agreed to acquire the global sarlink thermoplastic vulcanized rubber (TPV) elastomer business of Royal DSM N.V

sarlink has compound plants in Leominster, Massachusetts, and Genk, Belgium, and has a large number of engineering and laboratory resources in application development. Teknor apex will retain all employees of selink, about 90 people, including staff from offices in Detroit, Sittard (Netherlands), Shanghai and Singapore. The acquisition of the acquired business unit will become a part of teknor apex, but it will continue to use Sarlin DuPont Hongji and will also strengthen its efforts to sell TPV under the brand K

"teknor apex and sarlink are made in heaven. The synergy produced by the merger of personnel and resources of the two companies is beneficial to both customers," said Bertram M. Lederer, executive vice president of teknor apex. He pointed out that both teknor apex and sarlink are based on customized compound materials, have business worldwide, and have strong technical support strength. For teknor apex's thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) products, sarlink TPV is a supplement, not a repetition

"the acquisition of sarlink TPV business unit will consolidate teknor apex's position as the world's most diversified independent TPE manufacturer and expand our high-end product portfolio, especially in the automotive sector", Lederer said, "in addition, through this acquisition, our ability to serve customers has been enhanced. Customers around the world can obtain a variety of materials from us, including polyethylene and engineering thermoplastic materials and TPE. Sarlink is a supplement to teknor apex. Sarlink has a strong market position in Europe, just as teknor apex is particularly strong in Asia"

when talking about the merger agreement between DSM (DSM) and teknor apex, Nico gerardu, a member of DSM's management committee, said: "the sale of sarlink is another important step in DSM's transformation to a life science and materials science company. Sarlink and teknor apex are made in heaven, and the future is bright after changing ownership"

the automotive market is the largest market for sarlink TPV, which is used for soft touch interior trim, sealing system, chassis, under hood parts and wiring parts of automobiles. Teknor apex has been serving the automotive market for a long time. It has an automotive division and cooperates with original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers in the application fields of nylon, thermoplastic elastomer and polyethylene

sarlink's other markets include construction, consumer products, corrugated hoses, pipes and industrial parts. Sarlink also has special products for drinking water, food contact and medical fields

tpe (thermoplastic elastomer) has similar elasticity to rubber, but its processability is better than rubber. TPV (thermoplastic vulcanized rubber) is also a kind of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which is also a thermoplastic matrix, but belongs to the phase state of cross-linked elastomer, therefore ". the feel and elasticity are closer to that of rubber, and the physical, chemical and thermal properties are better than many ordinary thermoplastic elastomers that lack crosslinking phase.

sarlink's total net sales in 2009 were 50million euros. DSM set up a station for sarlink's business.

Trudeau Trudeau associates, Inc., a merger and acquisition consulting company in Massachusetts, USA, served as the transaction consultant for teknor apex's acquisition of sarlink.

Royal DSM N.V. created nourishment Solutions to protect and improve performance: add "constant stress (n/min)" with regular experimental force within 1 minute. The company's end markets include human and animal nutrition and health, personal care, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, coatings and paints, electrical and electronics, life protection and housing. DSM's business operation takes economic benefits, environmental quality and society as the core. DSM has an annual net sales of about $8billion and employs about 22700 people around the world. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company has branches on five continents around the world. DSM's shares are listed on the Euronext market in Amsterdam. More information:

teknor apex com has good energy-saving effect. Pany is a non listed company, founded in 1924, is an international polymer technology company, and is also one of the world's largest customized plastic compound enterprises. The company also produces chemicals for the U.S. market, such as plasticizers and apex gardening hoses, a famous American consumer product. Teknor apex is headquartered in putakit, Rhode Island, the United States. It has manufacturing plants in the United States and abroad, and its products are sold in 90 countries. Teknor apex has eight business departments, six of which are engaged in plastic compounding business, including bioplastics, color masterbatches, nylon, pet and other engineering thermoplastics, thermoplastic elastomers, commissioned special compounding materials and vinyl. The company's business organization in the United States provides services to customers throughout the Americas. Subsidiaries in China, Singapore and the UK serve customers in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Company station:

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