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From the end of June to the beginning of July this year, Shiqiang Telecom will work with ramtronternational to hold a tour Seminar on ferroelectric memory and MCU application technology in five major cities across the country to jointly display ferroelectric memory and MCU application solutions in many industrial fields, With this, Shiqiang Telecom kicked off the promotion of RuiChuang ferroelectric products in the Chinese market

in mid April this year, Shiqiang Telecom officially signed a distribution agreement with ramtronternational, with a view to jointly strengthening the promotion of ramtronternational in the Chinese market. The appointment of Shiqiang's distribution rights is an important part of Ramtron's implementation of its expected sales growth strategy. In the past 2006/07, Ramtron's sales in China surged, accounting for two-thirds of its total sales in the Asia Pacific region; It is expected that Ramtron's sales in Asia Pacific will account for the largest share of the company by the end of 2008. Choosing Shiqiang fully shows Ramtron's trust in Shiqiang's sales team

as part of the launch strategy, the tour seminar is scheduled to be held first in Beijing on June 23, 2008, then in Xi'an, Chengdu and Nanjing, and finally in Shenzhen on July 2, 2008. Half a day per place, free of charge; It is expected to attract about 750 development engineers. The content of the seminar includes the display of Ramtron's newly developed products, such as high-capacity f-ramfm22l16 and MCU series, and will discuss the application of f-ram solutions in a wide range of industrial fields, including power systems, communication monitoring, and gas related projects, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions of more than 350 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2025, in the fields of vehicle safety, security, industry, financial systems, medical equipment, and measurement; It also covers the challenges of MCU, including the implementation of industrial Ethernet, GPS anti-theft, protocol converter, industrial control (CNC), 1.25m serial port, and the implementation of PWC in measuring time and distance. It will also focus on how Ramtron's vrs51l3074 and vrs51l2070 products can provide the required solutions. This round of tariffs on products from the United States touch wood chip raw materials, pulp and finished paper. (for more information and registration details of this seminar, please click here to visit Shiqiang website.)

for this cooperation, Ramtron Asia Pacific Sales head said: "I believe that with the help of the rich experience of the sales team of Shiqiang company in the promotion and application of global high-tech electronic components in the Chinese market for a long time, Shiqiang will help Ramtron greatly expand its sales area and enhance Ramtron's market strength in the fields of major power equipment, industrial control, instrumentation, protocol conversion, POS, automotive electronics and medical equipment in the Asia Pacific region. I very much hope that Shiqiang company can provide Ramtron with Provide the highest level of customer service and support with future customers. "

about ramtroninternational

ramtroninternational (NASDAQ: rmtr), headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, specializes in designing, developing and selling special semiconductor storage, which can better test the tensile force, pressure, displacement, stiffness and other strength of springs. Experimental and analytical storage, microcontroller and integrated semiconductor take Pine Island chemical park as the radiation solution, It is widely used in many applications and markets around the world. In addition, Ramtron cooperates with major authorized manufacturers and manufacturers to bring its technology to the market. For more information, please visit RuiChuang international company website

about Shiqiang

Shiqiang Telecom is one of the best distribution enterprises in China's electronics industry. Fifteen years of sustained and rapid development has made Shiqiang a representative of outstanding distributors in the industry

with excellent demand creation ability and specialization as its core competitiveness, Shiqiang has successfully cooperated with many world-famous semiconductor enterprises for many years. In the fields of communication equipment, industry, handheld digital, automotive electronics, personal computers and peripherals, consumer electronics, etc., it has become an important supplier for many electronic manufacturing and R & D enterprises, and continues to provide customers with more and more products and services

sales networks in important cities across the country, realizing the effective operation of Shiqiang's business in the whole greater China region. At the same time, as a technology driven distribution enterprise, Shiqiang also has a mature technical support team and systematic service process to provide professional services in new product promotion, rapid samples, application consulting, scheme and software design, development environment, after-sales and logistics, etc. for customers' needs

Shiqiang, who has experienced training and healthy growth, has been highly recognized in the industry, and various reputations and awards from suppliers, customers and the media have followed. It has won the supplier award from ZTE, the best cooperation award from Rogers, and the best agent, greatest contribution and best technical support award in the Asia Pacific region from anwarco for many times; Since 2003, it has become the largest agent of anwarco semiconductor products in the Asia Pacific region and the third largest agent in the world

in the future, Shiqiang will continue to strive to become the best, most famous and competitive distributor of components and testing and measuring instruments in China, surpassing itself and moving forward steadily with a more professional team and a more focused attitude

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