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Delta integrated solutions help electronic enterprises win more in one fell swoop in self-control and energy saving.

recently, delta successfully provided a leading manufacturer of transparent glass projection capacitor technology in South China with solutions for the overall automatic control of the factory, such as detection methods, structure of the whole machine, rigidity of the whole machine, parallelism of the pressure plate, measuring elements, materials, displacement sinking of load sensors, etc., while adding rich energy-saving solutions, Comprehensively improve the energy conservation efficiency of users' buildings, workshops and production. This project involves many links such as on-site investigation, design, construction, commissioning and acceptance. Delta team has overcome the extremely bad conditions of the on-site environment and the difficulties of many installation points, and has met the needs of users for intelligence, environmental protection and energy conservation with extremely high project operation efficiency. Delta's product quality, scheme design ability and rapid response service have won the trust and affirmation of users

the integration scheme provided by Delta has three advantages: first, the design and installation of monitoring system and the integration ability of multi-party products. The one-stop turnkey project service saves users worry and effort; Secondly, Delta's skilled automatic control technology and energy-saving technology give consideration to production control automation and overall energy-saving efficiency. Third, Delta's mature and reliable design and construction team achieves the optimal construction cost and operation cost, and the project operation efficiency is high

this user adopts the vertically integrated production process, and owns three buildings a, B and C in phase I, 100 and 1000 level dust-free rooms of nearly 50000 square meters, 12 sets of ice water hosts, 14 sets of large external air constant temperature and humidity air conditioning boxes Mau, 6 sets of external air constant temperature and humidity air conditioning boxes PAH, 36 sets of constant temperature and humidity air conditioning boxes cah36, 39 sets of constant temperature air conditioning boxes AHU, 8 sets of air compressor hosts, 3 sets of vacuum systems, and 20 sets of exhaust and process exhaust systems, There are 3 sets of distribution systems and 465 sets of smart meters in 6 distribution rooms, and all control hardwares in the plant have entered the production stage; The other one is located at more than 4200 points and more than 10000 communication points in Inner Mongolia hollingol Jinlian Materials Co., Ltd. The huge scale of the factory and the huge number of equipment have brought many problems to the establishment of the automatic control system: there are many people operating the equipment, which is prone to misoperation; Equipment operation produces a lot of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, which not only affects the environment, but also increases the operating cost of the plant

in view of these problems, delta combined with many years of experience in factory automatic control and building and factory energy conservation, provided an integrated solution of intelligent control and energy conservation and environmental protection with programmable controller ah500 series as the control core. After many in-depth discussions, communication, demonstration and practice, the intelligent control and energy-saving transformation project was finally successfully implemented

in the implementation of the project, first of all, delta team used skilled automatic control technology and energy-saving means to focus on the automatic control of the operation of Mau, AHU, PCW, DCC and exhaust equipment in the clean room of buildings a, B and C, so as to reduce the losses caused by manual operation. Through the use of delta ah500 series PLC controllers and other automatic control system products to design automatic control schemes, control principles and processes, effectively reduce the consumption of water, electricity, gas and other resources, reduce carbon emissions, improve equipment operation efficiency for customers, and truly achieve green environmental protection. Secondly, the monitoring system is designed and installed to realize the one-stop efficient control and management of the whole plant. Delta monitoring system integrates various products, including mature and intuitive SCADA software, which facilitates the and operation of graphic control images; The ah500 series uses ispsoft software, which can provide five programming languages and graphical operation interfaces. Its modular design allows users to flexibly choose according to their use needs when deformation occurs during placement after molding, and supports the module hot insertion function to improve the convenience of maintenance. At the same time, various models of PLC, human-machine interface, PLC panel and cabinet, UPS, battery pack and battery cabinet and other products are integrated to realize efficient control of the system

at present, the project has been officially operated with good results. It has become a benchmark for the energy-saving transformation of electronic enterprises in South China, and has fully verified the overall strength of delta in the field of intelligent building control and energy conservation

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