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Since the beginning of this year, Tianjin Development Zone has achieved remarkable results in attracting investment

Sinochem news: (Qu Zhaogui) on June 16, it was learned from the press conference of Tianjin Development Zone that 2020 is a special year for the national development to face the COVID-19, and it is also a key year to start again after the reform of the legal institutions of Tianjin Development Zone. Investment attraction is a big strategy and project related to the overall situation and long-term development. The downward pressure on the economy caused by the epidemic has accelerated their establishment of the development concept of "turning danger into opportunity", and made a combination of industrial chain investment attraction, global channel expansion, "enterprise warming" new deal support, and enterprise efficient service. While doing a solid job of "six stabilities" and comprehensively implementing the task of "six guarantees", investment attraction has achieved remarkable results

according to the introduction, the actual utilization of foreign capital in TEDA this year reached US $590million, a year-on-year increase of 4.1%, and the growth rate was 12.4 percentage points higher than that in the same period in the country; The actual utilization of domestic capital reached 14.34 billion yuan in the month, with a year-on-year increase of 5.1%. The main investment attraction indicators showed a good recovery trend higher than expected. The characteristics of investment attraction are mainly reflected in the following four aspects

first, there are a large number of investment projects. Under the COVID-19, TEDA quickly opened online investment promotion modes such as "online signing", "online meeting" and "cloud promotion", and the investment promotion work has always maintained "no drop", focusing on the "41" leading industrial system represented by automobile and equipment manufacturing, electronic information, petrochemical and new energy and new materials, pharmaceutical health and modern service industry, and adhering to the strategy of "leading, reinforcing the chain and strengthening the group, and ecological agglomeration", In June, 79 projects were signed and landed, with 7 projects with an investment of more than 1 billion yuan, with a total investment of 37.4 billion yuan. In June, TEDA added 3100 market entities of various types, including 1920 domestic and foreign-funded enterprises, with a total subscribed registered capital of 41.8 billion yuan. Jingtiancheng biology, Langyu robot, Jingxin microelectronics, Huayuan packaging new materials, Macquarie lege North China e-commerce, CIC grand Health Industrial Park, Gaoji internet medical, Huadian Group Fund, Gezhouba Group Fund and other large projects and good projects in strategic emerging industries and modern service industries have been settled one after another, injecting new impetus into the high-quality economic development of TEDA

second, the quality of investment projects is high. In terms of foreign investment, Nestle deepened its deployment in China and plans to increase its capital by more than 100million Swiss francs, expand the production capacity of its existing pet food factory in Tianjin, and add its first plant-based product production line in Asia; Since 2018, freedom group has built and operated the life service Internet platform and home intelligent technology integrated operation headquarters project in Tianjin Development Zone. This year, a new contractual foreign capital of US $200million has been added to further expand the scale of its national housing leasing business; Freescale Semiconductor, a leader in the chip industry, plans to invest an additional US $100million in the Tianjin integrated circuit test center project, further improving its business level in Tianjin. In terms of domestic capital, Hillhouse capital increased its capital by about 1.4 billion yuan, invested in its enterprise management and medical investment fund projects, and plans to build a new Internet hospital with the mode of "pharmaceutical health management services"; KANGLONG Huacheng, a leading enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry, increased its capital by 200million yuan to expand the scale of its new drug R & D outsourcing service base. JD health, a unicorn project of JD group, plans to set the northern headquarters of Internet medicine in the development zone. At that time, the company's business will integrate the northern headquarters of JD pharmacy, JD National Internet hospital, family doctor national operation center and other functions; Renheyikang group, one of the top 50 R & D companies in China, plans to invest 1billion yuan to carry out full production in the economic development zone. It can carry out the layout of the consulting industry chain with the technicians of Shandong Star high tech company, and its business covers all links from academic promotion, drug research and development, production to sales

third, the collaborative cooperation between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei continued to deepen. In June, the projects that TEDA attracted investors from Beijing and Hebei province accounted for 44% of all investment projects. Among them, Beijing Gas Group invested 20billion yuan to set up an LNG emergency reserve project in the economic development zone, which can achieve an annual liquid supply of 5million tons or 6.7 billion cubic meters of gas supply after pre commissioning, and comprehensively improve the natural gas supply capacity of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. As an important bearing area for collaborative innovation between Beijing and Tianjin, haizhongguancun science and technology park has attracted a number of high-quality projects such as Huawei digital economy, Beijing deanjie precision medicine, China Unicom financial technology service platform, SAIC Anji commercial factoring, and public travel. The park will gradually become a "bridgehead" area connecting Beijing

fourth, the reserve is talking about a number of high-quality projects that are expected to be implemented. At present, TEDA has more than 500 key reserve projects under discussion, including 6 of the world's top 500 investment projects, with a total investment scale of about US $7billion; There are 12 investment projects of China's top 500 and central enterprises, with a total investment scale of about 11 billion yuan. Key projects include: domestic well-known new energy vehicle enterprises plan to invest in the establishment of a northern base in TEDA, invest in the construction of intelligent new energy vehicle manufacturing enterprises, and further improve the development level of the regional automobile industry; The Japanese power battery cathode material project plans to set up a production base in TEDA to strengthen the new energy vehicle manufacturing industry chain; Cambridge medical college plans to set up a hospital education and training platform project, and carry out in-depth cooperation with TEDA hospital, Taixin hospital and the Joint Research Institute of biomedicine; Laird Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. plans to build an Asian R & D center in Tianjin Development Zone, and begins to expand investment. New production lines of twin-screw and multi-screw have been derived from the original single screw, and attract downstream partners to build a new electronic materials industry chain

Tianjin Development Zone realized the reappearance of the experimental results. The development zone of Tianjin Development Zone said that at present, it has entered a new stage of transformation and upgrading. In the next step, it will "take danger as an opportunity", continue to benchmark the international high-standard business environment, give full play to the strategic carrier advantages of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Tianjin Free Trade Zone and TEDA comprehensive protection zone, accurately attract investment, attract talents and talents, speed up the placement of head projects and the vigorous development of new formats and new models, Here, TEDA is willing to work together with all enterprises and citizens to seek development opportunities, build fertile land for development and share green cities

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