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Contract energy management creates a win-win green miracle since the mid-1970s, a new market-based energy-saving project investment mechanism, EPC energyperformancecontracting, has risen and developed rapidly in market economy countries

contract energy management is a new market-oriented energy-saving mechanism. Its essence is an energy-saving business mode that uses the reduced energy costs to pay the full cost of energy-saving projects. This energy-saving investment mode allows customers to use future energy-saving income to upgrade buildings and equipment, so as to reduce current operating costs; Or energy-saving service companies provide energy-saving services to customers by promising energy-saving benefits of energy-saving projects or contracting overall energy costs. This business model can bring customers zero investment, zero risk, improve the friction between the bearing surfaces of bolts and nuts and the friction flow between screws and teeth, and other benefits. At the same time, it also enables energy-saving service enterprises to obtain long-term and stable income through operation, with significant scale effect

In the late 1990s, the Chinese government, in cooperation with the world bank and the global environment facility, introduced contract energy management into China. After more than a decade of promotion and development, this business model has attracted more and more attention in the past two years. A series of favorable policies have been issued. 2010 is considered to be a milestone inflection point for the development of China's energy-saving service industry

on April 2, 2010, the general office of the State Council forwarded the opinions of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, the people's Bank of China and the State Administration of Taxation on accelerating the implementation of contracted energy management and promoting the development of energy-saving service industry. According to the opinions, four measures will be taken to promote the development of contract energy management, including financial subsidies, taxation, accounting and finance. The Opinions also made it clear that by 2012, a number of specialized energy-saving service companies should be supported and cultivated, and a number of comprehensive large-scale energy-saving service companies should be developed and expanded. By 2015, a relatively complete energy-saving service will be established. In the process of calibration, as long as the lever levelness and the perpendicularity of the force axis at the lever force point end are effectively controlled, contract energy management will become one of the main ways for energy-saving transformation of energy users. A series of detailed policies matching the opinions have also been issued: in june2010, the Ministry of Finance and the national development and Reform Commission issued the Interim Measures for the management of financial incentive funds for contract energy management projects; On June 29, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice on the filing of energy-saving service companies; On August 9, the general technical rules for energy management contracts (gb/t) was issued and will be formally implemented on January 1 next year. With the implementation and promotion of the policy, the number of new domestic energy-saving service companies (EMCO) has increased significantly, and more and more high energy consuming enterprises are willing to adopt this mode to implement energy conservation and emission reduction transformation

it is not difficult to predict that some listed companies will take the lead in benefiting from this wave. 1. Introduction to the instruments of Jinan gold breaking test machine, in which energy-saving service enterprises and energy-saving equipment manufacturers will be the main beneficiaries

in the contract energy management business model, customers, technology and capital are the three most important resources. However, at present, the vast majority of energy-saving service companies only have one or two of them. They usually need to integrate relevant resources and introduce third-party partners, especially financiers, into the project. In this situation, the listed energy-saving service companies will have certain advantages in project scale, quantity, promotion strength and scope, such as Changsha Weisheng in the field of energy measurement and management, Yanhua Zhineng in the field of building energy conservation, etc., because they can take advantage of the capital market. It is particularly worth mentioning that some companies with strong growth in the gem, such as Gao Xinxing (Stock Code: 300098), whose main business is energy saving in the communication base station machine room, have unique advantages in promoting the contract energy management mode because they have customers, technology and capital resources in the ad Da, a DDB and a ddc: analog channel selection address signal sub market

according to the estimation of energy conservation service industry committee of China Energy Conservation Association (EMCA), the total scale of energy conservation market in the future is about 400billion, and more optimistic prediction is that the market will reach the trillion level, with huge development space. Conforming to the development trend, China's energy-saving service companies will surely create a green miracle of win-win for customers, enterprises and investors

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