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Continue to assist in the delivery of a new batch of equipment for Liugong of ya'an-wan high speed railway

continue to assist in the delivery of a new batch of equipment for Liugong of ya'an-wan high speed railway

, The team of Liugong Indonesia office and the project department held a simple ceremony to hand over the machine if rust is found. After the handover ceremony, the company inspected some equipment at Liugong site, and gave guidance to the equipment management personnel and operators of the project department on the operation and maintenance of the whole machine. Professional and detailed answers were given to the concerns of the project department about the maintenance of the complete machine, the services in place during the warranty period, and the supply of accessories. A professional post market scheme was developed internally to comprehensively ensure the construction progress of the Ya Wan high speed railway project

the Jakarta Vanuatu high speed railway connects Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, and Bandung, the capital of West Java province. With a total length of nearly 150 kilometers, a design maximum speed of 300 kilometers per hour and a total investment of more than 5billion US dollars, it is the first single project for China's high-speed railway to go global in all aspects, including technical standards, design, construction and operation. It is of great significance to promote China's high-speed railway to go global. Since the ya'an-wanzhou high speed railway project entered the full construction stage in 2017, Liugong equipment No. 3 has started to serve the project construction in batches, and has guaranteed the construction progress of the project with reliable quality and perfect after-sales service, winning the unanimous recognition of the project department. At present, Liugong has more than 10 sets of brand-new equipment in different construction sites of the project, mainly serving the mixing plant, site maintenance, and construction of key and difficult projects 6. More equipment that Liugong has won the bid will also be delivered in the near future

Liugong zl50cn loader operation

it is understood that the ya'an-wanzhou high speed railway project includes 46 bridges and 13 tunnels, and the main model of Liugong zl50cn is equipped with side dump bucket, which is mainly used for tunnel construction. According to the reasons for this phenomenon caused by the characteristics of tunnel construction, the zl50cn model of Liugong is equipped with Cummins l9.3 engine, which has the characteristics of perfect matching, fast startup, strong power, low speed, large torque and lower fuel consumption. It is the exclusive power tailored by Cummins for Liugong loader. Matched with Liugong classic 5T planetary case, it is reliable, with smooth gear shifting and small impact. The matched Liugong reinforced type 50 dry-type bridge has strong bearing capacity, and the maximum bearing capacity of the front and rear axles reaches 30t. It adopts independent flow and quantitative hydraulic system, which is simple, reliable and easy to maintain. At the same time, combined with Liugong's technical accumulation, on the basis of the standard model, the boom, bucket and hinge are comprehensively strengthened and optimized for the tunnel side unloading construction conditions, so as to fully meet the requirements of heavy load, high strength and high reliability in tunnel construction. Due to Liugong's rich research experience and core technology accumulation on extreme working conditions, the side dump loader built for tunnel construction has occupied more than 50% of the market share of the industry for a long time due to its professionalism and reliability. It is a classic and preferred model for tunnel construction

the ya'an-wanzhou high speed railway project is an epitome of Liugong's participation in the national "the Belt and Road" infrastructure projects. Liugong equipment has been deeply involved in the China Laos railway, Malaysia east railway, China Thailand railway, etc. in Southeast Asia. As the pacesetter of China's construction machinery industry and one of the first enterprises to go global in China's construction machinery industry, Liugong has established mature marketing and service networks in 58 of the 65 countries along the "the Belt and Road". Committed to becoming a respected international brand, Liugong will, as always, shoulder the heavy responsibility, practice the "the Belt and Road" initiative, and provide customers at home and abroad with the best construction equipment, service support and comprehensive solutions

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