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Contract energy management cold led promotion encountered a bottleneck

led lighting products have been highly praised by experts and the government for their strong energy-saving effect. However, its high price has deterred many users. In the 1990s, China began to introduce the new energy-saving mechanism contract energy management mode (EMC) from developed countries, which once brought bright prospects to the promotion of LED lighting. However, after a period of trial, some experts recently revealed that the promotion of the contract energy management model in China is not as smooth as expected. Energy saving service companies face a series of difficulties such as financing difficulties, lack of integrity mechanism and fiscal and tax supporting facilities. It is still more difficult to hope for the promotion of LED in the contract energy management

the success rate of contracted energy management is less than 10%

zhangdongsheng, vice president of Guangzhou Lighting Association, introduced to us that the essence of energymanagement contracting (EMC) is an energy-saving investment method that uses reduced energy costs to pay the full cost of energy-saving projects. This model originated in the 1970s. It can reduce the current operating costs, and users can use the future profits to upgrade factories and equipment and improve energy efficiency

it is understood that the contract energy management cooperation mode is usually divided into two types: first, the annual saved electricity cost is divided by the two parties of energy-saving transformation in proportion and returned year by year until the contract amount is completed. The implementation cycle of the contract curtain wall and large window wall system PNAP 106:1998 is relatively long; Second, the electricity saved each year will be returned to the LED enterprises in full until the amount agreed in the contract. This mode has a fast collection speed and is more favored by led enterprises

companies providing led services are also profitable if they really follow the mode of contracted energy management. But the fact is not as smooth as expected. Zhangdongsheng disclosed to that at present, the success rate of contracted energy management in our province is only 5% and 10%. Among them, private enterprises are easy to promote, while state-owned enterprises are relatively difficult

led lighting products encounter a bottleneck in the process of extensive promotion due to their high price. According to Zhang Dongsheng, a 1.2-meter-long light tube needs 278 chips. According to the quotation of chip manufacturer Cree, a chip costs one yuan, and a light tube costs nearly 300 yuan. Ordinary energy-saving lamps cost only tens of dollars

zhangdongsheng said in an interview on the quality of spring tension and compression testing machine that although China's LED product manufacturing capacity accounts for 50% of the world, the profit is the lowest. The core technologies of LED products are all abroad, which is the main factor affecting the product price. Secondly, there are high production costs, lack of national standards and other factors

according to statistics, at present, there are more than 2400 led enterprises in China. Unfortunately, application products and supporting enterprises account for the vast majority, with more than 1700; Secondly, there are about 600 packaging enterprises; At least, there are enterprises engaged in epitaxial growth and chip manufacturing, and there are only more than 40 research units and production enterprises in total

some enterprises have lost the enthusiasm to refit and apply led because the LED cost is too high. For this reason, contract energy management came into being, but its promotion is not optimistic

the lack of integrity of the enterprise leads to constant lawsuits.

in fact, energy contract management is a way of cooperation in which both parties can benefit. However, because some enterprises lack integrity, they often cause disputes and even a lawsuit to the court. This has hindered the promotion of contract energy management to a certain extent. Zhouming, general manager of Shenzhen Qiming contract energy management company, disclosed in an interview

he pointed out that because energy-saving service companies bear most of the risks, they need to take into account a series of factors such as capital occupation and personnel costs when making profits. However, some enterprises deliberately delay or even do not pay for energy-saving to share profits for various reasons, which has undermined the enthusiasm of energy-saving service companies

due to the lack of an independent third party to evaluate the energy savings of the project, users and energy-saving service companies can not classify the energy-saving effects according to different methods. In addition, the lack of energy-saving service standards and other factors restrict the promotion of contract energy management. He cited an example. Some enterprises have refitted LEDs, but the lack of specific energy detection standards makes it difficult to accurately measure the power consumption of fans, air conditioners and other electrical appliances, so that it is easy to argue with each other when paying fees

he also mentioned that some enterprise customers, after carrying out contract energy management cooperation, arbitrarily refit lines and build other electricity projects, resulting in no obvious energy-saving effect, and the return on investment of energy-saving companies is also far away

Zhou Ming believes that in order to put an end to the above situations, enterprises need to improve their integrity. The government should also supervise in real time and formulate some relevant mandatory regulations. Promote the awareness of energy conservation, protect the interests of both sides, and promote the application and promotion of LED

municipal engineering and state-owned enterprises have no enthusiasm for promotion

relatively speaking, it is easier to promote contract energy management in private enterprises, but it is more difficult in municipal engineering and state-owned enterprises. Zhou Ming said that due to financial problems, some state-owned enterprises did not have the enthusiasm to promote LED

it is understood that since the Ministry of science and technology announced the plan of 100000 LED lights in 2009, it has quickly received positive responses from all over the country and rapidly evolved into a boom of hundreds of thousands of LED lights in 21 cities. Although the government vigorously promotes the transformation of LED lighting market, the situation is not optimistic

Zhou Ming believes that one of the main reasons affecting led promotion is that China's fiscal and tax supporting facilities are imperfect. After the energy-saving company signs an agreement with the relevant owners, the energy-saving company may face the dilemma of being unable to obtain the payment because the finance of each department can only pay the used expenditure. This has not only affected the enthusiasm of government departments, but also affected the enthusiasm of energy-saving companies to promote contract energy management

in addition, the same situation has also occurred in state-owned enterprises. Compared with the self financing of private enterprises, state-owned enterprises are less motivated to save electricity. An energy-saving company disclosed to that in recent years, the promotion of contract energy management has often been aborted due to financial problems

Zhou Ming pointed out that the imperfect tax support has also affected the promotion of contract energy management. He said that the tax is collected according to the total amount of the contract, but in fact, the income of the energy-saving company is collected by installments, which brings great financial turnover pressure to the energy-saving company. As the contract energy management cycle is long, the transfer of government personnel during the period also brings variables to the contract implementation

led enterprises are struggling with financing.

the survey found that many led enterprises are facing financing difficulties. Most energy-saving service companies are not economically strong and are unable to guarantee the security of their loans. In addition, the cycle of contract energy management is long. Generally, it takes three to five years for a single investment, and some even take longer to get a return. Energy saving companies face great pressure on capital turnover in terms of follow-up investment

Zhou Ming introduced that energy-saving companies mainly finance through four channels, including cooperation between enterprises, leasing, bank support and the support of energy-saving investment companies. He said that the cooperation and leasing between enterprises is not a long-term solution, and it is difficult to grasp the key links such as product quality. Bank loan is the most effective way, but due to some objective reasons, it is difficult for bank loan

some insiders began to call for the development of financial products suitable for the characteristics of LED lighting projects

as the most concentrated area of LED industry, Shenzhen has established an industry federation to play a bridge role between the government and enterprises. Zhou Ming said in an interview that there is another financing mode, which is a joint loan and joint guarantee mode in which more than four enterprises voluntarily form a consortium. The members of the consortium negotiate the loan amount, jointly apply for a loan from the bank, jointly provide guarantee for the loan, and each member assumes joint guarantee for the group loan

in his opinion, LED lighting projects do not have high internal rate of return and unique technology, and it is difficult to obtain the favor of venture capital institutions for financing based on a single project. Therefore, bank loans have become the main way for energy-saving service enterprises engaged in LED lighting projects to finance. However, many energy-saving service companies have few fixed assets and their products and equipment have to be handed over to users after the EMC contract ends, which makes it difficult for them to submit financing applications to the bank through asset mortgage

Zhou Ming introduced that in the existing financial products, many energy-saving service companies do not finance in the name of contract personnel management projects, but in the form of small and medium-sized enterprises. Most of the loans are short-term and medium-term. In order to avoid risks, banks require that the project investment payback period be less than 5 years when lending for contract energy management projects. However, the recovery period of general contract energy management projects is more than 6 years, which has formed a huge obstacle to the loans of energy-saving service companies


the energy-saving service market is chaotic

the internal rate of return of some successful projects is low

according to statistics, at present, there are more than 100 energy-saving service companies in China. Some experts who study contract energy management pointed out that at present, the energy-saving service companies engaged in LED lighting projects are mainly divided into two categories: one is derived from the manufacturers of LED lighting products; Another kind of energy-saving service companies add LED lighting to the original energy-saving services. However, the energy-saving service industry market is not standardized, and the lack of evaluation standards can not be ignored

a person in charge of Guangdong Lighting Appliance Association said that energy service companies are still in the early stage of development in China, and there are no mature industry norms, such as service standards, energy conservation detection and identification methods, contract norms and their performance ethics. At the same time, there is a lack of standards to evaluate the service quality of energy-saving service companies, and the energy-saving service market is chaotic

he also revealed that in the LED lighting projects that have been more successful in adopting the contract energy mode, the internal rate of return of some projects can not even reach 17%, and this rate of return can only be achieved when the contract energy management contract period is 5 years or even longer. In order to get the project, some companies will publicize that the contract period can be signed for 3 years or less. Malicious competition by lowering prices and compressing EMC's execution cycle has caused project users to think that led lighting projects are high returns or even windfall profits, which will further depress the profits and even living space of energy-saving service companies

it is understood that most of the energy-saving service companies carrying out LED lighting projects in China are small and medium-sized enterprises, which are in a weak position in the market. In addition, these energy-saving companies also face a series of problems, such as the challenge of new technologies and new products, the decline of energy-saving benefits, and the owner's breach of contract

the person in charge pointed out that it is urgent to establish a professional and independent energy-saving service company engaged in LED lighting. Only when professional companies organically combine LED lighting and EMC can they promote the benign development of the industry


the scale of LED industry will reach 120billion yuan next year

more ways may be needed to promote it

on June 24, 2010, Guangdong Province issued the draft of Guangdong LED industry development plan (year). The plan pointed out that by 2012, the scale of LED industry will reach 120billion yuan, becoming an industrial cluster with an annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan, and cultivating an output value of more than 1 billion yuan

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