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To help reduce carbon emissions, Chenyang water paint and "jumeiyi 2 in 1" launched the national carbon reduction action

to help reduce carbon emissions, Chenyang water paint and "jumeiyi 2 in 1" launched the national carbon reduction action

May 31, 2021

in order to actively respond to the national and Hebei Provincial call for action on "carbon peak" and "carbon neutralization", strengthen the green action of the environmental protection industry, face the province, especially the youth generation, and guide the practice of environmental protection, On May 30, the strategic alliance of China's water-based coatings industry and the China water paint research institute jointly held a popular science activity with the theme of "painting water paint and striving to be a carbon reduction expert" with Chenyang water paint, a green business card enterprise in Hebei Province. They launched two new R & D interior wall water paint products, namely "jumeiyi super white 2 in 1" and "jumeiyi high cover 2 in 1", drew a huge picture of carbon reduction and launched the national carbon reduction action

nearly 200 people from the government, industry organizations, enterprises and teachers and students of Xushui primary school witnessed the new water paint product - "jumeiyi 2 in 1" canned product in Chenyang thousand mu science and Technology Park, and jointly painted a huge water paint painting with the theme of "painting water paint, striving to be a small master of carbon reduction", relying on the advantages of years of deep cultivation in the industry. China water-based coating industry strategic alliance, China water paint research institute and Chenyang water paint started the nationwide carbon reduction action. The modified wood powder is 20.0~30.0m

xuxiaohan, deputy head of Xushui District, spoke highly of this June 1 science popularization activity. He said that carbon reduction is the current and future focus of the country, provinces and urban areas. Water paint is not only the green development card of Hebei Province, but also the pillar industry of low-carbon development at the production and application end of local transformation. The government will support and encourage enterprises that meet the requirements and have great potential and outstanding contribution value in carbon emission reduction in research and development, product application, popular science popularization and consumption upgrading

focusing on carbon emission reduction, China waterborne coatings industry strategic alliance and Chenyang water paint launched two new products - "jumeiyi Jingwei ultra white 2 in 1" and "jumeiyi Jingwei high cover 2 in 1" interior wall water paint products. This is a new achievement and concrete presentation of the cooperative research and development around carbon emission reduction after the introduction of zhirun children's water paint

it is understood that the "jumeiyi 2 in 1" new product has upgraded the ultra white formula, high covering performance and taste purification technology respectively, providing high-quality product choices for consumers who want to "pursue new whiteness" or "master high covering". China water paint Research Institute believes that "2-in-1" products are widely used in the coating field, with a large throughput. The launch of "jumeiyi 2-in-1" series of new products not only provides consumers with high-quality choices, but also provides green energy for water paint carbon emission reduction in popular coating consumption and application

it is reported that in order to actively implement the requirements of carbon emission reduction, the state and all provinces have taken positive actions. The Hebei provincial government has issued the implementation opinions on establishing and improving the economic system for green chemical industry, new materials and fine chemicals to move towards high-end areas, aiming at strengthening enterprise scientific research, innovating green products, popular science education, guiding green consumption, and ensuring the realization of the goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality. Liuzhanchuan, President of Chenyang group, said that the sales volume of Haier New Materials in 2014 reached 1.1 billion yuan, and the whole people need to participate. While implementing the enterprise innovation subject, the event was held on June 1 in the hope of combining education with fun, creating a good atmosphere for the whole people to participate in "carbon peak and carbon neutralization" and helping the development of green economy. Facing the future, the industry alliance and enterprises will carry out a series of environmental protection popular science education activities in succession to help carbon emission reduction, relying on the water paint stores facing cities and towns across the country, while jointly researching and innovating and upgrading products

according to the data, Chenyang water paint group has been committed to the R & D and production of energy-saving and environment-friendly water paint for 23 years, with an annual production capacity of 1.25 million tons. Compared with paint plants of the same scale, it can reduce VOC emissions by 1million tons a year, save 2million tons of oil, save 2.86 million tons of standard coal, and reduce 7.15 million tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the exhaust emissions of 1million cars in a year. It has made great contributions to promoting the green transformation of the industry and to the national environmental pollution control. CCTV "LianBo", the people have successively reported and highly affirmed the development direction and huge environmental and social benefits of Chenyang water paint industry

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