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Which is better, the contrast light meter HD projector M6 or Z6? What is the difference between the optical meter M6 and the Z6 projector?

two high-performance optical meter high-definition projectors are recommended: the optical meter high-definition projector M6 and the Z6. Which one is better and what is the difference? Let's take a look at the differences and configuration comparison between the optical meter HD projectors M6 and Z6 as follows. I hope it can help you choose which of these two variables changes for reference

guangmi summarized and exchanged research results, product information and field utilization experience in the field of oilfield chemicals. High definition projectors m6

1. What is the difference between guangmi high-definition projectors M6 and Z2, and anti ejection protective covers 6

the main difference between guangmi high-definition projector M6 and Z6 is that the time of launch is different, the appearance color and size are different, and the brightness is different. Guangmi M6 high-definition projector has slightly higher brightness. I started with this one. This one has good cost performance. It's very cool to watch movies in bed. It's also used in the daytime. It's very clear to pull the curtain. It's a value-added experience. Check the latest quotation review of guangmi M6; View the latest Z6 quotation review of guangmi

guangmi HD projector M6 actual shooting

guangmi HD projector M6 projection effect

II. Comparison of configurations of guangmi HD projector M6 and Z6:

1 Guangmi HD projector M6 configuration parameters:

projection screen size: 40 ~300

applicable scenario: Children's puzzle, business office, intelligent home shadow, routine maintenance and regular maintenance system, games, entertainment, mobile high-end laser TV, home theater, outdoor pure wireless projection training and education

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