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Continuous tea liquid extraction system

with the increasing acceleration of the pace of modern life because it does not produce liquid leakage during the solid-liquid phase change, the industrialized tea beverage provides a faster consumption mode for drinking tea. According to a survey conducted by AC Nielsen, in recent years, the development speed of China's tea beverage market has exceeded 300%. In 2002, the sales volume of China's tea beverage has also increased from 200000 tons in 1997 to 3million tons

in order to meet the needs of market development and provide more advanced and hygienic production equipment for tea beverage manufacturers, Tetra alwin tea continuous tea liquid extraction system has been newly launched by Tetra Pak Singapore's product R & D center. At present, the first Tetra alwin tea liquid extraction system in China has been introduced and put into operation by Xiamen Yinlu group, and the use effect is good

the processing technology of this tea extraction system includes: tea + hot water → extraction → filtration → cooling → clarification → blending and subsequent processing. Its processing capacity is 6000 ~ 12000l/h. Each extraction tank can hold 60kg tea and 3000kg extraction liquid. According to different products, the extraction time is 5 ~ 30min, and the extraction temperature is 60 ~ 100 ℃

the traditional tea liquor extraction system, such as the manual basket tea liquor extraction system, puts the tea in a basket with a sieve, removes the basket after extraction, and then empties the tea residue. Low extraction efficiency and automation. Compared with the traditional method, the Tetra alwi experimental machine has better quality n? Tea has many obvious advantages. Its biggest feature is that the extraction processes such as tea weighing, water injection infiltration, continuous extraction, tea liquid recovery, and even tea residue discharge are all completed continuously and automatically. It has no clear theme content and can be produced circularly, which greatly improves the production capacity

the advantages of this system mainly exclude the poor contact caused by spring problems in the following five aspects:

■ better product quality

the closed production system effectively prevents the precipitation and bitter taste of the tea liquid caused by the oxidation of the product in contact with the outside air, and reduces the loss of the flavor of the tea liquid, especially for sensitive green tea products, However, the traditional open extraction can easily lead to precipitation and bitterness, and waste a lot of energy. In addition, because the products are produced in the closed system, the health and safety of the products are greatly improved, and compared with the open system, the threat of external pollution to the products is greatly reduced. The system adopts the continuous extraction design, which greatly improves the production capacity of the enterprise. This continuous single thread extraction method can obtain the same amount of extraction solution with less tea. According to the comparison of production data, the content of tea polyphenols and caffeine is 15% and 60% higher than that of the traditional method, which greatly improves the quality and stability of the product and reduces the production cost

■ save energy

in addition, the closed container can well maintain the extraction temperature and minimize the heat loss. Before the hot tea extract is cooled by ice water, it is first heat exchanged with the production water through the plate heat exchanger for heat recovery. In this process, the water is heated to 50 ℃ and then enters the hot water buffer tank for the next batch of production, thus greatly saving the consumption of steam and cooling water. The phenomenon that a large amount of water vapor is lost to pollute the production workshop in the past is avoided

■ flexible and simple operation

automatic operation is simple, safe and accurate. In the whole system, the only manual operation is to put the tea into the extraction tank, and the other steps are automatically completed by the remote-controlled valve. The operator can select the memory program preset in the PLC according to different products, and can also adjust the temperature, time and other production parameters through the touch screen to produce special flavor tea. It is simple and flexible, and can greatly reduce human misoperation

■ safe and labor-saving

as hot water filling, tea residue treatment and other high-temperature operations are automatically operated by remote-controlled valves, so as to avoid accidents. Compared with traditional hanging baskets or open semi-automatic operation equipment, the continuous extraction system is more safe and saves manpower

■ convenient cleaning

after each batch of tea is processed, the tea residue is discharged through the automatic valve at the bottom and then output through the conveyor belt, so the previous dirty slag discharge phenomenon is eliminated and the production site is better kept clean and tidy

Tetra Pak can not only provide a complete set of ready to drink tea processing production line system, but also allow customers to use the pilot equipment of Singapore product development center to study extraction parameters, flavor, extraction efficiency and other data, and help provide product tests and formulas. In addition, Tetra Pak can also provide sugar dissolving, blending, sterilization and packaging equipment, and Tetra Pak's local marketing department can provide you with all-round support

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