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1. "Touch"

whether the texture is fine and whether the particles are uniform. At present, PP-R tubes in the market mainly have several colors of white, grey and green. Generally, recycled plastics cannot be made into white, so consumers often think that white is the best. In fact, this view is more one-sided. With the update and improvement of technology, color is not the standard to distinguish PP-R pipes. The quality of the tube can't solve the problem. Touch it. The coarse particles are likely to be mixed with other impurities

2. "Smell"

whether there is smell. The main material of PP-R pipe is polypropylene. Good pipes have no smell, and poor pipes have strange smell. It is likely that polyethylene is mixed instead of polypropylene

3. "Pinch"

PP-R tube has considerable hardness, and it can be easily pinched into a deformed tube, which is definitely not PP-R tube

4. "Smash"

a good PP-R pipe has good "springback". If it is too easy to smash, it is naturally not a good PP-R pipe. However, strong hardness does not mean good elasticity. Consumers will have questions about PP-R tubes that can't be broken anyway. Because some illegal manufacturers increase the hardness of pipes by adding too many impurities such as calcium carbonate, such pipes are prone to embrittlement after long use

5. "Burn"

ignition is very intuitive and useful. PP-R pipes mixed with recycled plastics and other impurities in raw materials will emit black smoke and have a pungent smell; Good materials will not emit black smoke and smell after burning, and the molten liquid will still be very clean after burning

identification of true and false PP-R tubes:

1 Product Name: the product name of PP-R should be "polypropylene pipe for cold and hot water or" PP-R pipe for cold and hot water ", which is preceded by ultra-fine particle modified polypropylene pipe (PP-R) Or PP-R cold water pipe, PP-R hot water pipe, pp-e pipe, etc., and those with informal names are pseudo PP-R pipes

2. The product testing unit is a non professional unit, and the content of the test items is inconsistent with the content listed in the PP-R standard. The certificates issued by the product recommendation department or product promotion department, the Department that does not know the PP-R product standard or the Department that does not have the PP-R standard are false pp-r.

3 The density of pseudo PP-R is slightly higher than that of pp-r

4. PP-R tube is white matte or matte of other colors, and pseudo PP-R tube is bright or colorful

5. PP-R tube is completely opaque, and pseudo PP-R tube is slightly translucent or semi translucent

6. PP-R tube feels soft, while pseudo PP-R tube feels smooth

7. The landing sound of PP-R tube is dull, and the landing sound of pseudo PP-R tube is crisp




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