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On May 11, the holy elephant wardrobe once again organized the national excellent dealers to gather in Wuhan to share in-depth experience and exchange widely on the sales and development of the terminal market, so that the holy elephant power "passed on from generation to generation"

the jade flute is played in the Yellow Crane Tower, and the stars spread in May in the river city. In order to play the role of the home furnishing division as a bridge and establish an efficient and pragmatic communication platform for the majority of dealers, so that everyone can work together in the increasingly fierce market competition and win-win future, after the "kindling action" of Chengdu Station in March, on May 11, Saint elephant wardrobe once again organized the national excellent dealers to gather in Wuhan to share in-depth experience and widely exchange on the sales and development of the terminal market, Let the power of the icon "pass from generation to generation"

the exchange kicked off in the speech of Ran Pu, manager of the wardrobe channel Department of the holy elephant, who pointed out that in the increasingly competitive market environment, win-win cooperation will have a bright future. Among them, it focuses on the exchange of terminal sales experience, regional linkage sales and other issues, and points out that "communication" is particularly critical in the terminal market

the business department specially invited Ms. Xin Yi, a senior brand manager of Beijing Tuozhi Consulting Co., Ltd., to attend the exchange. After understanding the needs and doubts of the dealers, Mr. Xin introduced the future development direction of the holy elephant wardrobe brand, and introduced the new product theme and new brand main screen that will be launched in the near future, to assist the dealers in better brand promotion at the terminal

Zhang Zhong, the regional manager of the elephant wardrobe, brought you six sales props and explained them in detail. The combination of professional sales props and sales scripts will greatly enhance the brand image and lay a solid foundation for terminal sales services

Wuhan dealer liupengfei, as the host, President Liu extended a warm welcome to everyone and shared with his sales team the experience and achievements of regional event planning and online sales

Wuhan dealer general manager Liu made a speech

the store manager, sales elite and after-sales supervisor of Wuhan team made a detailed introduction to the experience of terminal sales management

Wuhan sales team showed

the in-depth sharing of Wuhan team made the atmosphere on the scene high. Then, more than a dozen dealers on the scene successively exchanged experience. Everyone communicated frankly and answered selflessly, and the significance of the exchange meeting was fully reflected

Jining dealer Ding's speech

Qingdao dealer Shan's speech

on May 12, the 617 "icon power directly benefits China" large-scale event kick-off meeting officially kicked off

manager ran introduced the 617 activity policy

Wang Li of the product department explained the knowledge of new products for everyone

the national holy elephant Iron Army was divided into four major war zones in the southeast, northwest and northwest, and was awarded the battle flag by the regional manager. All dealers enthusiastically signed the military order, vowing to be the first in the sales activities

Eastern theater

Southern theater

Western Theater

Northern theater

"the fire has been ignited, and the fuel is passed on from generation to generation". This dealer exchange meeting and the 617 icon power launch meeting have come to a successful conclusion. The ten thousand mile journey of the holy elephant fire has begun. I believe that the hard-working, intelligent and brave holy elephant people will gain experience in sharing and exchanging again and again, so that the holy elephant fire can burn all over the country




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