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Consumers who have no experience in decoration will be at a loss when looking for decoration companies in the home decoration market: there are so many companies, and the receptionists of each company are very friendly. Which one should they look for? But for consumers who visit the home decoration market for the first time, what should they do to gain more

casually without burden: facing the warm attitude of the staff of the decoration company, most consumers will be embarrassed to refuse. In fact, this kind of psychology is unnecessary, because for most personnel of decoration companies, such repetitive work does not know how many times a day. Therefore, if you only want to know some decoration knowledge, it doesn't matter, just ask openly. If you are not very satisfied after asking, just leave calmly

don't forget to take materials easily: decoration companies generally print a large number of promotional materials. From the content point of view, these materials are not much different, but consumers can use these materials for themselves. For example, you can write your views on the company in the blank space of these materials. These words help you identify the advantages and disadvantages of the decoration company, so as to save your memory from being confused by too many companies when you go home

many companies compare services: at present, the development level of the home decoration industry is different. Some enterprises have relatively good internal management, while others only require staff to receive contracts. In the former company, consumers can enjoy relatively good services. Even if there is no contract with them in the end, such a company is reassuring; The latter, if consumers do not sign decoration contracts with them, the enthusiasm of the staff will immediately drop below zero

if you have enough time, you might as well contact more companies and tell the staff in advance that you are only here for consultation. To a certain extent, the attitude of the staff towards consumers who do not intend to sign a contract can well explain the management level of this company

ask multiple companies the same question: before consulting decoration companies, you can prepare several questions in advance and ask different decoration companies. You will find some questions from the answers of different companies. For example, the staff of some companies is like a book "100000 whys", which seems to understand everything, but the answer gives you a lot of doubts; The staff of some companies may not know everything, but they are very modest. They will first seek the help of experts and then give you the correct answer. After repeated comparison, you will find out which decoration company meets your requirements, and then proceed to the next step of negotiation

write down the answers in a notebook: many consumers spend a lot of time in the market, find a lot of decoration companies, and ask a lot of questions, but in the end, they feel that they don't gain much; Some consumers talked very well with the decoration company in the early stage, but when they signed the contract, they found that many things promised by the other party had changed, or some orally agreed standards could not meet the requirements in the construction process, but at this time, their words were useless

it is recommended that you prepare a small notebook in advance to record some important matters anytime and anywhere. On the one hand, you should avoid forgetting them, on the other hand, you should avoid the other party not admitting when the time comes. When both parties sign the contract, you can write the contents you recorded into the contract. In fact, doing so is beneficial to both sides, and the oral commitment of the other side is guaranteed for themselves; For decoration companies, seeing the serious and meticulous attitude of customers, the staff will not be too lax, thereby reducing the probability of problems





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