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Edinburgh is a famous cultural ancient city in Britain and the capital of Scotland. With a long history and culture, it still has fresh vitality. Kexiang Wallpapers "Edinburgh 970" series wallpapers, let you feel the rich romantic, gorgeous, bold European style

Kexiang wallpaper, one of the top ten brands in the wallpaper industry, is a leading enterprise integrating design, R & D, manufacturing and sales. The company introduces advanced production lines from Europe to produce high-quality, high-grade green and environmental friendly wallpaper products

after six years of development since its establishment in 2006, Kexiang wallpaper has firmly seized the opportunity of industry development, firmly grasped the law of industry development, and formed an unconventional leap forward development in a short time. Now it has begun to take shape. The company has built a modern standard factory covering an area of 100 Mu in Anji Tangpu Industrial Zone, and introduced many advanced production lines

over the years, Kexiang wallpaper has carefully developed each wallpaper, which gives them unique vitality and separates them from similar products. Recently launched the "Edinburgh 970" series of wallpapers, allowing you to enjoy the romantic, gorgeous, bold European style

not stick to one style, gorgeous and bold

mature people have their distinctive personality and characteristics, which is the style of "Edinburgh 970". The mature decoration style is the same. After years of development and experience, it has distinctive characteristics. Flowing lines and gorgeous colors are typical features of European style. The European style color matching of "Edinburgh 970" is vivid, which makes the product very vitality. The picture color is not limited to one style, and the color matching with gorgeous and bold colors and unique personality has a glamour that shines in front of people and is unforgettable

fine embossing, fine and exquisite

using the top deep embossing production technology, the texture is exquisite, the texture is deeper, and the touch is comfortable. Touching the texture with your hand seems to feel the texture of the years. The full page deep embossing makes the wallpaper look elegant, informal and unique, which is deeply loved by mature people





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