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With hanergy energy storage power generation paper, you don't have to be afraid of losing power on your mobile phone

two days ago, brother Gou and his girlfriend went to the beach to watch the sunrise. After coming back, brother Gou looked unhappy and insisted on holding me to drink to relieve my boredom. After watching brother Gou drink a few cups of wine, I asked him why he was unhappy. Brother Gou drank two liang of Baijiu in front of me, patted me on the shoulder and told his story

(dog brother is sad)

the following is the memory link:

I originally took my girlfriend to watch the sunrise. We woke up at more than 5 o'clock in the morning, packed our things and prepared to watch the sunrise. As a result, when we were ready to go out, my girlfriend said that her mobile phone was dead and wanted to charge it for a while before leaving. I thought, OK, then charge it

after 20 minutes, I asked her, "just leave when you're almost done, and you'll miss the sunrise later." then she told me that it was less than half full, and she wanted to recharge for a while! After another 20 minutes, I hurried her away. She said that it was not 80% yet and she wanted to recharge for a while

I was already angry at that time. Later, when her mobile phone was charged, we hurried to the beach. The sun had already come out, and the sun stabbed our eyes

what about the sunrise

I was very angry at that time. After driving for more than ten hours, I wanted to take her to see the sunrise. It was a good thing. Just to charge my mobile phone and miss such a beautiful thing, I really couldn't figure it out! I ignored her all the way back

see the situation, I hurried forward to comfort her "Brother dog, don't you know that many people have cell phone electricity phobia now? You have to fully charge your cell phone when you go out, and it's estimated that your girlfriend is also.

hey... Brother dog sighs repeatedly.

don't worry, I have something here

it's estimated that it can cure your girlfriend's hand electromechanical quantity phobia

! What is it? Take it out and have a look!

hanergy Chinese paper plus in series 12W energy storage and power generation paper

(product photo)

Why do I say it can cure your girlfriend's fear of electricity

listen and see hA

"solar power paper"

Power 12W

MPPT peak power tracking

stereo lamination

MPPT peak power tracking

whether you are running or riding

whether the paper is tilted Hold it askew

he can always maintain a stable output

(product photo)

protect your electronic equipment from damage due to unstable output

and improve the charging speed

one word "stable"

what is the concept of three-dimensional lamination technology

for example:

in winter, your mother lets you wear two autumn clothes, a cotton jacket

three sweaters, a coat Two stormsuits...

in short, you've worn many layers inside and outside

at this time, are you still afraid of the cold? Are you still afraid of being beaten by others?

three dimensional lamination technology

is equivalent to wearing many layers of "clothes" for power generation chips.

the difference is that these "clothes" are high in technology.

they are waterproof, dustproof, and scratch resistant...

(product photo)

the delicate body in various protections is:

it is dirty, You can wipe it with a wet rag

you can use it normally when you take it to snow mountains, plateaus and deserts

the word "Gang"

supports wireless Qi charging

suddenly remembered that

it's still there! have One! Pieces! Things

in fact, it can support Qi wireless charging

adapt to the market

mobile phones with wireless charging function/wireless charging receiver

is it good +1

the word "cool"

tell me about its specific performance

"as long as there is sunshine, he can charge"

(product photo)

under normal circumstances, as long as there is sunshine

power generation paper can generate electricity, Then supply power to the energy storage device

at this time, you can connect the energy storage device to supply power to mobile phones and other devices

(actual shooting of the product)

after our test, under the experimental conditions,

the 5000mAh energy storage device can be fully charged in only 2.5 hours

is faster than the 5000mAh charging treasure of a meter

isn't it a surprise, isn't it a surprise

this is the power of science and technology

after so many introductions, brother dog asked me where I could buy

now I can't buy it on the market for the time being.

brother dog:

but, you can participate in crowdfunding

now it has successfully achieved its goal of crowdfunding on

as of today,

a total of 308 supporters, the amount of crowdfunding is 206243 yuan.

now there are only two days left until the end of the crowdfunding activity.

brother dog, if you want to buy, you have to hurry up. crowdfunding page




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