Development status and marketing of aluminum alloy

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The implementation experts from all walks of life in the world give different explanations on the concept of implementation, but combined with China's national conditions and the current situation of the door and window profession, there is one explanation that is the most appropriate for China's door and window profession, that is:

companies find or explore the needs of quasi consumers, promote and sell goods from the construction of the overall air and the construction of their own commodity form, mainly to dig deep into the interior of goods, Meet the needs of quasi consumers, and then let consumers have an in-depth understanding of the commodity and then the process of purchasing the commodity. When it comes to implementation, it is inseparable from sale, and the concept of sale is a social activity and process of providing and exchanging valuable goods with others through individual or collective invention to meet their respective needs and aspirations

the current situation of the development of China's door and window profession

China's door and window profession, whether it is aluminum alloy window, aluminum clad wood window, aluminum wood composite window or plastic steel window, is a very disordered and mixed era at present, with uneven quality, various quotations, and as long as the sexual performance is standardized, the specifications of function and appearance are not clear

shopping malls are also sold separately, fighting a bidding war for competing projects to reduce the quality of goods; Retail malls also have the phenomenon that the service and delivery time cannot meet the needs of consumers, and the pricing strategy is not systematic. Therefore, during this period of disorder, there is no real master of implementation. It may be said that other companies do not know how to implement except for the relatively good brands made by several retail malls

the salesperson's work is not well carried out, and most of them have heavy tasks, high pressure and poor performance. In addition, the real estate foam since the beginning of 2014, the payment terms of real estate developers are getting worse and worse, and the malicious competition in retail malls is intensifying, making many small door and window companies and even large companies disappear in 2015. Losers are lamenting the sadness brought by this profession, and those who continue to struggle are struggling to maintain it through salary reduction and personnel tightening. Is this really the case? Otherwise

there is an inevitable trend in the development of doors and windows profession:

in the early stage, supply is less than demand, and profits are huge

the beginning of the competition and bright prospects

in the glorious period, the demand is large, the competition is fierce, and the profit is thin

during the recession, many companies went bankrupt and their careers were shuffled

this is the inevitable development of any profession. In Europe, the profession of doors and windows has long been a very sophisticated and standardized industry. Doors and windows, as a commodity, have entered the homes of ordinary people. Although China has experienced a glorious period in the past few years, it is far from sophisticated, and it can even be said that it is just beginning





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