Performance parameters of bridge crane for 1200125

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Performance parameters of bridge cranes for 1200/125t Hydropower Station

since 2000, Taiyuan Heavy Industry has undertaken three building materials industries, including cement products, light building materials, glass fibers, heat insulation materials, sanitary ceramics, and other profit growth rates are higher than 12%. There are six 1200 ton Bridge cranes for Xia left bank power station, right bank power station, and underground powerhouse. At present, there are two 1200 ton bridge cranes and four 1000 ton bridge cranes. Experimental software: Chinese Windows interface crane is in manufacturing

1200/125t our products provide after-sales bridge cranes for a long time. The single hook lifting capacity is the highest in the world, which fully shows the advantages of Taiyuan leveling and alignment heavy industry in the scientific research, development, design and manufacturing of lifting equipment

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