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The performance test scheme and safety measures of the main fan in the coal mine

according to the relevant provisions of the coal mine safety regulations and AQ, it is necessary to stop the function test of the main fan in the coal mine before the change of the production ability of the coal mine. In order to test the safe operation condition and various technical parameters of the main fan, our mine asked the Shanxi coal mine Enron technical monitoring center to stop testing the function of the two main fans. In order to ensure the Enron test, this plan and Enron technical measures are specially formulated

1. When testing the main ventilator:

when testing the main ventilator, it is placed from mm/DD/2013 to mm/DD/2013

2. Staff organization and placement during measurement:

in order to ensure that the test task stops safely, accurately and quickly, there are general instructions and each test team before the test. Each team has its own responsibilities and follows the instructions, leadership and placement of the general operation number

1. Test instruction group:

general instruction on site of Shangyuquan coal mine: Motor mine manager

inspection on site instruction:

responsibilities: on site instruction and monitoring tasks

2. Working condition scheduling group

team leader:

deputy team leader:

members: ventilation group staff

responsibilities: serve as air volume scheduling during fan test

3. Fan start-up and operation protection group

team leader:

deputy team leader:

members: 2 main fan drivers, 2 maintenance electricians in the fan room, 6 maintenance staff

responsibilities: take charge of the start-up and operation protection during the fan test, and stop the fan according to the instructions of the general approval

4. Fan motor operation parameter test group

team leader: Member: Shanxi coal mine Enron technology monitoring center

responsibility: metal paint and pearlescent effect spray free materials are mainly used in the bumper bottom guard, skirt, anti friction strip, wheel eyebrow, decoration strip and inner door handle to test the motor parameters (current, voltage, power factor, motor input power and speed, etc.) during the fan test

be responsible for the test of fan operation parameters (fan air volume, air pressure, water column reading value in the fan room, air density calculation, etc.) during the fan test process, calculate the operating condition point of the fan in time according to the test parameters, confirm the accuracy and reliability of the test condition, and serve as the guidance for the scheduling of fan operation conditions

5. Enron group

team leader:

member: Enron member

responsibility: serve as the Enron supervision of mine equipment and staff during fan testing

6. Leader of the adjustment group:

responsibility: coordinate the production tasks in the process of fan testing

3. Preparation tasks before the test

1. The motor team shall stop the test on whether the gate valve is intact and whether the extraction is flexible before the test

2. Before the measurement, the motor maintenance staff shall stop detailed inspection of the motor control equipment of the main fan, and require that the equipment is intact, the start, stop and operation are normal, and the electrical shelter assembly task is reliable and safe. Check whether all parts of the ventilator and motor are complete, whether the assembly is tight, and whether the operation is normal

3. Whether the ventilation team is responsible for monitoring whether the operation of parts, sub stations and sensors is normal; And check the ventilation measures of the whole mine and the gas concentration of each address to change the environment

4. Task placement before and during the test:

1. The ventilation team must make power at the adit of the air duct and seal the logs and planks used to transport them to the air return outlet and stack them neatly. The ventilation team leader Dong heating experiment can complete the role of talent transmission

2. Stop the operation of the fan at o'clock on the month and day, and stop the power supply underground, and the leader of the fan start and operation protection group will act as the leader

3. The dispensing room should do a good job of warning at the auxiliary wellhead to prevent anyone from going down the well during the test

4. The dispatcher, monitor, substation attendant and main ventilator driver must strictly guard the sentry box and obey the same instructions of the dispatching room

5. During the test of the main ventilator, the motor maintenance staff jointly carried out the intermediate test task of Shanxi coal mine Enron technology monitoring on site, and took charge of the tasks of stopping and transmitting power before and after the test

6. The staff of each post shall strictly abide by the post, and it is strictly forbidden to leave without permission. Without the instructions of the Ministry, no one is allowed to turn on or send electricity casually

5. Test plan:

1. Sealing: stop the operation of the main fan, close all the parts of the main fan, close the explosion-proof door, Enron exit door, side pull damper, etc., and start the auxiliary fan within 10 minutes, and then start the sealing at the bottom of the new return shaft. After the sealing is completed, start the test. After the test, first remove the airtight, stop the auxiliary fan, and then turn on the main fan to ensure that all the fan switching processes are completed within 10 minutes

2. Fan test: the total time for the determination of the two fans under a total of eight working conditions is about 6 ~ 8 hours (the air volume on the well fluctuated during the test)

3. Test style:

① the ventilator stops testing the function of the ventilator through the process extraction short-circuit air dispatching damper

such a maximum range is called "full range". ② the damper is fully opened, closed 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6 to slowly fully closed and stopped for at least seven working condition tests

③ under each working condition, the electrical parameters, air volume, wind speed, coquettish temperature and humidity, negative pressure, dynamic pressure, noise, vibration and other parameters of the fan are detected separately

④ draw the function curve of the ventilator according to the measured data of seven working conditions

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