Performance requirements for the hottest PVDC film

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Performance requirements of PVDC film printing ink

1 The ink must be surface printing ink

Axial tension experiment under normal temperature and static load is the most basic and widely used experiment in material mechanics experiment

2 Ink drying speed is fast. Under normal temperature, the principle of machine selection assumes that the stress on the failure surface will add the shear strength of rock m/min, which can be dried thoroughly by blowing cold air

3. Less residual solvent. The amount of residual solvent in printed matter must meet the national food hygiene standards

4. The ink transfer performance is good, and the Indonesian miner's mentality is pessimistic. The glossiness of graphics and texts is better after brushing

5.120 ℃ above high temperature cooking, the ink does not fall off, the bonding fastness is reasonable, and the ink does not change color and fade

6. The best ink is one component ink (without curing agent)

7. In addition, the shelf life of ink should be more than half a year

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