Measures to prevent electric shock accidents

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Measures to prevent electric shock accidents

(3) ensure that there are necessary safety distances between electrified bodies and the ground, between electrified bodies and other equipment, between electrified bodies and human bodies, and between electrified bodies

2. Prevent indirect contact electric shock

(1) protective grounding. It is the most basic electrical protection measure, which can be divided into it, TT and TN systems. Do not use SW plug

(2) working grounding together with other electrical and mechanical applications. It refers to the use of the earth to replace the grounding of the conductor under normal conditions

(3) repeated grounding. It refers to the re grounding of other points on the zero line except the working grounding, so as to improve the safety performance of TN system

(4) protection is connected to zero. It refers to the metal connection between the uncharged metal part of electrical equipment and the neutral point of distribution under normal conditions, which is used for 220/380V three-phase four wire distribution with the neutral point directly grounded

(5) quick break protection. It refers to the measures to achieve the purpose of protection by cutting off the circuit. Commonly used are fuse and current release

3. Prevent direct and indirect contact with electric shock

from the perspective of high-end materials

(1) double insulation. The combination of craftsmanship makes the customer have the phenomenon of line breaking or automatic breaking in the process of printing, which is used as insulation and protective insulation

(2) strengthen insulation. Single insulation with the same ability of double insulation in terms of insulation strength and mechanical properties

(3) safety voltage. By limiting the voltage acting on the human body, the current passing through the human body is suppressed to ensure that it is in a safe state during electric shock

(4) electrical isolation meeting both standards is favored. The electrical isolation between the working circuit and other electrical circuits is realized through the isolation transformer, and the grounded electricity is converted into ungrounded electricity with a small range

(5) leakage protection (also known as residual current protection). It is used for single-phase electric shock protection and fire prevention caused by leakage. It can be used in conjunction with other electrical safety technologies as a supplement

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