Measures to prevent mechanical damage of switchgea

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Measures to prevent mechanical damage of switchgear

(1) for the 7.2 ~ 12kV low oil circuit breaker with bracket, its support insulator should be vertical to the bracket and fixed firmly during installation, the connection of the upper and lower connecting leads should not be under heavy stress, and the conductive rod and the static contact should be on a vertical line. If the insulator is found to be damaged, it should be replaced in time and the cause should be checked

(2) the connection and fastening of various porcelain parts should be applied symmetrically and evenly to prevent excessive force from damaging the porcelain parts

(3) during maintenance, check the connecting crank arms, connecting plates, shafts and pins of the switchgear. If bending, deformation or fracture is found, find out the cause, replace the parts and take preventive measures

(4) when adjusting the switchgear, use slow opening and slow closing to check whether there is jamming. All kinds of springs and buffer devices should be adjusted and used within their allowable stretching or compression limits, and regularly check whether there is deformation or damage

(5) the oil buffer of various circuit breakers should be adjusted appropriately. During commissioning, special attention should be paid to checking the scrapped buffer stroke of the oil buffer and the bounce of the closing contact and opening rebound, so as to verify whether the ultra-low emission plastic plastic plastic plastic interior plastic with the lowest emission of plastic cleanable chemicals of Jinhu Rili plastic buffer has good performance, and prevent the damage of the crank arm and transmission mechanism due to the failure of the buffer. It is forbidden to operate quickly when the buffer is free of oil. The oil buffer used in low-temperature areas shall be buffer oil suitable for low-temperature environmental conditions

(6) in order to prevent the breaking accident of the insulating pull rod of the circuit breaker in operation, in addition to regularly checking the opening and closing buffer to prevent the insulating pull rod from being impacted in the transmission process due to the poor performance of the buffer, it is also necessary to strengthen the monitoring of whether the relative position of the opening and closing indicator and the moving parts connected with the insulating pull rod has changed in recent years, and regularly conduct the mechanical characteristic test of the circuit breaker, so as to find problems in time. The insulating pull rod of spiral connection structure should be transformed

(7) when installing the voltage equalizing capacitor, prevent oil leakage caused by other forces, and deal with or replace the oil leakage if found

(8) the foundation of switchgear shall not collapse or shift. The support design shall be firm and reliable, and cantilever beam structure is not allowed

(9) in order to prevent the operation of the mechanical fixed connection part from loosening, it is recommended to use anaerobic glue to prevent loosening

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