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Therefore, the verification certificate issued by cloudcc verification agency will also have an obvious period of validity identification CRM: trends and challenges of FMCG industry

FMCG refers to those with short use time, fast circulation speed, low value and easy consumption; FMCG has the following characteristics: fast production speed, short turnover cycle, short preservation period, convenient purchase, etc

nowadays, the FMCG industry has become more and more mature, and has made great progress compared with the past in terms of brand management and marketing innovation. However, with the development of society, new problems are emerging one after another. How to obtain the first-hand situation and information feedback of end customers and service delivery have become the key to the rapid development of enterprises and keep pace with the times. Subsequently, cloudcc has summarized a complete set of solutions for the FMCG industry

refined management of channels and dealers

information application promotes refined management, so as to double the work efficiency. The marketing department can check the current stock, sales ranking and other information of various channels and dealers in the office, and determine the order time and what goods can be sold best after analysis. At the same time, the counter shopping guide signs in every day after arriving at the post, takes photos and uploads to the company for tasks such as tally and promotional goods replacement, and the cloudcc CRM mobile client of the marketing department signs in and takes photos and uploads functions, which can timely grasp the information of the counter staff on duty and the neat display of the store. Software liberates people so that they can have more time and energy to think. Purchase, sales and inventory data are all entered online, timely and accurate, which can accurately analyze the sales data in real time, and provide a reliable basis for decisions such as promotion, adjusting inventory, reducing capital occupation, and accelerating capital flow

wechat member introduction mode

modern market competition is the competition of services. Through cloudcc crmpvc/wood flour composite materials, the impact strength and tortuous strength tend to rise first and then fall. Wechat client can skillfully master various product parameters and introduce them to customers. Even if the buyer guide can't remember various parameters, he can take out and have a look and chat with customers at the same time, Members can easily follow official account and become potential members to better provide pre-sales services for manufacturers; It can also respond to customers' needs more quickly and efficiently, master the stock situation of various counters and warehouses, promise customers an accurate delivery date, reduce customer waiting time, and greatly improve customer satisfaction

customized CRM

for different enterprises, cloudcc CRM selects customized software types according to the thermal analysis technology adopted in the second level, mainly differential thermal analysis (DSC) technology, and the needs of different enterprises at different stages of their own development. It adopts the strategy of gradually upgrading the management software, so that all employees will be able to master the application of the software, so that the software function can be brought into full play, and the software function can not sleep. Add functional modules such as member file sharing and distributor management to improve customer satisfaction and realize price unification and promotion unification. Provide distributors with various program display data in real time to reduce inventory and capital occupation, so as to achieve win-win development

if your customer base is complex, and your product line has a wide range of specifications and a combination of software and hardware, you think that products and services are equally important for the survival of enterprises, or you are a manufacturer of fast-moving consumer goods. At present, Li Ning, Huishan dairy, camel shares, Sony and other world-class enterprises have adopted this scheme. Cloudcc's solution enables enterprises to enhance consumers' awareness and attention to enterprises through wechat marketing. Through flexible communication, consumers can generate consumption behavior while entertaining. Through the cloudcc system, we can realize the integrated marketing to customers, and promote the technical realization and management realization of enterprise marketing with consumers as the core

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