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Measures for installing emulsion pump in coal pillar 1. Overview:

the 101 coal pillar air roadway constructed in our area has been constructed to the cutting section, and a single temporary support roof needs to be set. According to the site conditions, a set of brw-125 emulsion pump station shall be installed head-on

II. Construction introduction: construction time: July 2015

construction site: 101 coal pillar air roadway

construction unit: tunneling work area III

construction principal: Tian Deyong

safety principal: Zhang Wei

III. preparation before construction

1. Tools: 2 5T chain blocks, 2 drill rods, 2 wrenches

2. Safety confirmation shall be carried out for equipment installation, It includes the following contents:

① the team leader shall inspect the roof and rear roadway support at the construction site. If there are potential safety hazards at the construction site and rear roadway, they must be rectified in time; Ensure that the roadway support at the construction point and the back road is intact and the gas is not exceeded

② all tools, bolting and lifting appliances and rooting points shall be safe and reliable, and sufficient safety factor shall be ensured. Move up the plug

③ when lifting, it is necessary to comprehensively confirm the stability of lifting appliances, lifting points and the position of the center of gravity

IV. safety measures and technical requirements for oil pump installation:

1. This is a U-shaped shed support. Before lifting, carefully check the support to ensure that the support near the lifting point is good. Before construction, set lifting bolts on the upper roof where the mechanical properties of the oil pump location point are more important than other physical properties or reinforce the shed beam (at least reinforce 5 sheds). The tension of each bolt is not less than 80KN for lifting. The number of anchor rods shall be determined according to the site, but not less than 2

2. After the oil pump and pump box are transported to the location point, use 5T chain block to hoist them to the place convenient for maintenance and operation of the experimental machine according to different use conditions, and the distance from the track is not less than 400mm

3. The oil pump and pump box shall be lined horizontally and fixed firmly as far as possible. There shall be no obvious vibration during normal operation after installation, and regular maintenance and inspection shall be carried out

4. Connect the pump box, hydraulic pipeline and auxiliary devices, and hang the hydraulic pipeline neatly

5. Power on and test run after inspection

6. End of installation

v. safety precautions:

1. When installing equipment, there must be a construction person in charge and a safety person in charge, clear, specific and responsible to the end

2. All construction personnel must be familiar with measures, wear tools and personal protective equipment, obey the unified arrangement of the construction director and the safety director during construction, and concentrate on work. "Eleven hidden dangers" shall not participate in this work

3. Before construction, the team leader shall confirm the construction site and enter the construction site after confirmation to ensure the safety of construction personnel

4. Before lifting, the strength and stability of the lifting point must be carefully checked; Ensure that the support is in good condition and the lifting points are firm. Carefully check the lifting tools (lifting chains, rope noses and chain hoists must be in good condition without scars and rust), and ensure the safe use of lifting tools

5. When lifting or dropping objects, it is necessary to slowly control the zipper to prevent the large chain from slipping and the workpiece from suddenly falling. When the lifted objects must be suspended in the air, the small chain should be firmly tied to the large chain

6. During lifting, in order to prevent the lifted object from falling to the ground, personnel must be more than 2m away from the heavy object, and the operator should stand in a correct position to ensure that the puller and heavy object cannot hit people after falling; The rest of the staff should stand in a safe place and watch the way out. When working, special personnel should be left to observe the firmness of the roof and lifting points, and withdraw in time if problems are found

7. When lifting, the center of gravity should be well controlled, and the connecting line between the force point of the hook and the center of gravity of the weight should be perpendicular to the top plate as far as possible. If it is really necessary to pull diagonally, do not stand in the force direction and rotation direction, so as to prevent sudden shaking or falling of the weight after lifting

8. When lifting the equipment, no one is allowed to work in the direction of breaking and throwing out of the lifting chain and the direction of falling, overturning, sliding and rolling of the lifting equipment

9. The "U" type card shall be used for the connection of hydraulic pipeline. It is strictly forbidden to use iron wire or other foreign matters to replace the "U" type card. It is strictly forbidden to insert the "U" type card into a single pin, and both pins must be inserted into the pin hole

10. The construction personnel adhere to the principle of "four interactions and three non injuries" among each other; When many people work, they should coordinate with each other to prevent touching hands and squeezing feet

11. During construction, adhere to the idea of "safety first" and resolutely put an end to dangerous recklessness; When there is a contradiction between safety and production, production must be subject to safety

12. Strictly enforce the district team attendant system. During installation, the district team attendant must be a manager with on-site work experience above the team leader

13. Illegal command and operation are prohibited

14. Precautions for equipment ignition

① there must be an application for power cut-off and transmission in case of ignition, and the operation must be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations on power cut-off and transmission operation; The power cut and transmission shall be carried out in strict accordance with the provisions of power cut, locking and listing, and the principle of power transmission shall be adhered to

② before operating electrical equipment, check the gas concentration within 20 meters of the operation site. It is strictly prohibited to operate when the gas concentration is greater than 0.5%

③ before connecting the power supply, the upper feeder switch of the circuit must be powered off, locked and hung with a power-off board, and the requirements of power inspection and discharge must be strictly implemented

④ before ignition, check whether all parts of the emulsion pump are in good condition. If any problem is found, it must be handled before ignition

⑤ after the equipment catches fire, the commissioning operation is normal, and it can be put into use after passing the acceptance of relevant departments

15. Other unmentioned matters shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the coal mine safety regulations, operation regulations for various types of work and relevant documents of the group company and the mine, which may affect our recent and long-term deeds

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