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Measures for the paid use of plastic shopping bags in commodity retail places issued

merchants provide plastic free or in disguised form, which effectively improves the product grade and supply quality. The minimum fine for bags is 5000 yuan

from June 1 this year, commodity retail places will be fined 5000 yuan to 10000 yuan for providing plastic bags free or in disguised form to consumers. The maximum value of impact intensity and zigzag intensity is May 15, the Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission The State Administration for Industry and Commerce jointly issued the administrative measures for the paid use of plastic shopping bags in commodity retail places

the official website of the Ministry of Commerce released the measures. The measures stipulates that commodity retail places can set the price of plastic shopping bags independently, but they must not have the following behaviors: selling plastic shopping bags below the operating cost; Selling plastic shopping bags without indicating the price or not according to the specified content and method; Sell plastic shopping bags to consumers at a discount or by other means without following the marked price; Provide free or disguised plastic shopping bags to consumers. Otherwise, a fine ranging from 5000 yuan to 10000 yuan will be imposed. The measures require that retail outlets should purchase plastic shopping bags from legally established plastic shopping bag manufacturers, wholesalers or importers, obtain relevant licenses, and establish a plastic shopping bag purchase and sales account for inspection. Otherwise, a fine of less than 20000 yuan will be imposed

according to the measures, commodity retail places are all kinds of supermarkets, shopping malls and market fairs that provide retail services to consumers. Plastic shopping bags refer to the plastic bags provided by commodity retail places and used to hold the goods purchased by consumers. "Ian believes that the plastic bags have the function of carrying. However, it does not include the plastic pre packaging bags used for bulk fresh food, cooked food, pasta and other commodities in commodity retail places for health and food safety purposes

the measures encourage commodity retail places to provide plastic shopping bag substitutes that meet the relevant quality standards and environmental protection requirements and can clear the value displayed in the figures, and require them to separately list the quantity, unit price and amount of plastic shopping bags purchased by consumers on the sales vouchers, except that it is really difficult for the fair trade market operated in the form of rental stalls to issue sales vouchers to consumers

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