Measures to prevent electric shock of welding tool

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Measures to prevent electric shock of welding tools

I. use qualified welding tools

carefully check the welding tools before operation, and the inspection items are as follows:

1 Whether the insulation performance of the welding machine is good

2. Whether the insulation layer of the power line and the outgoing line of the electric welding machine is damaged and aged, and whether the wire is exposed

3. Check whether the primary and secondary terminals of the electric welding machine are loose or severely burned

4.2. Change whether the electric welding tongs and special gloves for electric welding may be damaged or leaked during the use of the experimental machine. Unqualified people are forbidden to use them

II. Wiring shall be carried out in strict accordance with the wiring procedure

III. When entering the metal container, underground, trench and other coordination product structures, it is strictly prohibited to bring in the electric welding machine and the portable lamp transformer for lighting, so as to prevent an electric shock accident caused by a voltage

IV. during operation, especially when changing welding rods, you must wear welding insulating gloves as required

v. wear insulated shoes or stand on dry wood when working in wet environment. Work clothes, work shoes and gloves should be kept dry to ensure that the insulation performance will not be reduced

VI. remove the power line, eliminate the fault of the electric welding machine, move the electric welding machine and remember to disconnect the power switch when the welder leaves the site

VII. Welding operation 4 According to the type of stress cycle, it can be divided into: constant amplitude fatigue test, frequency conversion fatigue test, program fatigue test, random fatigue test, etc. when the on-site lighting is insufficient, the common optional hardness tester should be used, such as Brinell, Leeb and other lamps. 220V lamps are prohibited, and the voltage of the lamps used in wet environment or metal containers should not exceed 12V

VIII. When electric welding operations must be carried out outdoors in rainy and snowy days, rain and snow proof measures (such as rainproof sheds) must be taken to prevent rain from wetting the welding machine, wires and welding handles, resulting in electric leakage injury accidents

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