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Measures to improve the working efficiency of old construction machinery

bulldozers, loaders, excavators and truck cranes, etc. after being used for a period of time, there are often phenomena such as poor sensitivity of the control mechanism and slow action of the working mechanism

1. Phenomenon

engine exhaust, operation and sound are all abnormal, starting is difficult, and acceleration is slow; The oil in the hydraulic system is polluted, the external and internal oil drainage of hydraulic components, pipelines and joints are serious, and the hydraulic cylinder cannot be locked and retracts automatically; The transmission chain of each joystick of the whole machine is loose, and the operation is blocked and laborious

2. The reason

is mainly due to long-term overload and working in an environment that does not meet the requirements; Daily maintenance is not timely, and major, medium and minor repairs cannot meet the standard requirements

3. Measures

what affects the accuracy of the testing machine

(1) strictly manage and continuously improve the technical quality of operators to ensure the correct use of construction machinery

(2) strengthen the daily maintenance and inspection of equipment to improve the intactness rate of equipment

(3) improve the technical level and heart of maintenance personnel to ensure the quality of major, medium and minor repairs. Appropriate increase of special maintenance equipment, tools, instruments and technical data

(4) adjust and repair the machinery

4. Adjustment and repair methods

when the control system has abnormal conditions

(1) adjustment of engine throttle

for example, the diesel engine installed on the truck crane, after long-term use, sometimes when operating its throttle on the car, the growth rate will be slow, and the maximum speed and power cannot be reached. At this time, it is necessary to check and adjust the whole transmission chain of the pedal accelerator on the vehicle. This work requires two people, one of whom controls the accelerator pedal on the vehicle, and the other observes the movement of the speed regulating lever at the fuel injection pump. After years of using cranes, most Chinese enterprises choose foreign plastic extruder equipment. Although the staff have stepped on the accelerator pedal to the limit position, in fact, the speed regulating lever of the diesel engine fuel injection pump sometimes can not reach the limit position. Because the position of the speed regulating lever in the whole machine is not easy for the operator to observe, its empty stroke is often ignored, so you should observe it for a while and try it several times. The reasons for this situation are: first, the size chain of the transmission system of the diesel engine throttle changes, and the accumulation of idle travel between them is too large; Second, some fasteners on the transmission device, such as set screws, are loose. At this time, it should be checked step by step according to the throttle transmission dimension chain. When the upper throttle is pressed to the bottom, the speed regulating lever must also reach the limit. The idle distance on the accelerator transmission chain shall be retained as required, and shall be tightened and adjusted according to the specific conditions of each equipment

(2) repair of gear pump

the wear of gear pump is mainly the wear of the inner surface of pump housing, tooth top and tooth thickness. The repair method is: brush a layer of metal on the worn part of the inner surface of the pump casing to promote green packaging, green color shopping, green logistics, green recycling, and greatly reduce resource consumption and pollutant emission in the process of production and circulation. Especially, it is urgent and important to apply liquid to make it return to its original size; For gears, the tooth top and tooth thickness can be electroplated to restore the size of tooth thickness and tooth top; Generally, the shaft sleeve is only replaced without repair, and when replacing a new shaft sleeve, attention must be paid to its axial length and no space must be left. Several used gear pumps of the same model can be accurately measured, and then the gears with light wear and pump body can be re assembled and tested on the test bench

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