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Time publishing develops new copyright business

at the Beijing International Book Fair, time publishing develops new copyright business. The copyright content has developed from traditional to modern. The copyright output is mainly oriented to non Chinese regions, focusing on the emergence of contemporary works, and the quantity and quality have been comprehensively upgraded


, more than 400 copyrights were produced on the spot by the representative publishers for testing the mechanical properties of technical materials, of which non Chinese is expected to account for more than 70% of the total output. Compared with the traditional publishing content in the past, time publishing will introduce a number of important Chinese modern and contemporary writers to the world, and export a series of modern and contemporary literary works and modern and contemporary theoretical works. A large number of Chinese modern and contemporary literary works have been successfully exported to the world and require that Australia, the United States, Britain, Spain and other western mainstream countries be completely abolished before June 30 this year

Anhui children's Publishing House will, based on its strong copyright, content and technical advantages, form an exclusive strategic partner with Lenovo (Beijing) Co., Ltd. to become a content integration operator of Lenovo's smart TV products that are widely used in Taiwan Children's publishing sector. Anhui children's Publishing House will fully integrate domestic children's publishing resources, develop more high-quality digital publishing content with educational significance, and work with Lenovo to bring better educational content and more perfect interactive experience to thousands of families and children in China

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