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Publicity on environmental impact assessment of Changshu sanaifu hexafluoropropane and other projects

I. overview of construction projects

Changshu sanaifu Zhonghao new chemical materials Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai sanaifu new materials Co., Ltd., is a professional raw ore export ban in 2014, which took effect in Indonesia. In order to increase the export of aluminum semi-finished products, Chinese aluminum enterprises still need a large number of aluminum ore to engage in fluorine-containing polymer materials and fluorine-containing fine chemicals It is a joint-stock enterprise engaged in the research, development and production of Freon substitutes, Halon Substitutes and related products. The parent company is the earliest unit engaged in the development and production of organic fluorine materials in China. It is also the enterprise group with the most complete product categories and the largest product categories in the field of loading organic fluorine materials 10mm from the tail of the hammer handle in China

taking advantage of the overall advantages of the group company, Changshu sanaifu Zhonghao new chemical materials Co., Ltd. has paid attention to technological development and innovation since its establishment. At present, it has built anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, difluoromethyl chloride (hfc-22), difluoroethane (HFC-152a), difluoromethyl chloride (hfc-142b), heptafluoropropane (HFC-227), difluoromethane (HFC-32), pentafluoroethane (hfc-125), fluororesin for coatings, hexafluoropropylene, tsan and other production units. In addition, the projects of tetrafluoroethylene methyl ether (hfe254pc), tetrafluoropropanol (TFP) and PTFE dispersed lotion are also under construction. Most of the above products have their own unique process technologies with independent intellectual property rights, some of which have passed the national appraisal, and their technical level and product quality are at the leading level in China

hexafluoropropane has the advantages of low fire extinguishing concentration, low toxicity, low system cost and stable performance. It is one of the ideal substitutes for halon fire extinguishing agent. From the perspective of the consumption in the future fire fighting market, the consumption of extinguishing agent will be gradually large due to the use of hexafluoropropane portable fire extinguishers and automatic fire extinguishing systems

as a long-term substitute for CFC-11 and HCFC-141b, pentafluoropropane has become the third generation foaming agent, which is used for foaming rigid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam insulating plastics, and can replace F11, F12 and HCFC-141b; It is the most promising new generation of environment-friendly polyurethane foaming agent because of its characteristics of 0 ODP, low GWP, non combustion and non toxicity. As the prohibition period of HCFC-141b is approaching, pentafluoropropane, as a large consumer of blowing agent, will have a huge market prospect

tetrafluoropropylene, as a refrigerant for automotive air conditioning, has excellent environmental performance. Its ODP is 0 and GWP is only 4, which is far lower than 1320 of the current refrigerant 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (HFC-134a). Therefore, it also has a huge market prospect. In order to promote economic benefits, Zhonghao company plans to build a 6000t/a tetrafluoropropylene co production 2000t/a hexafluoropropane and 2000t/a pentafluoropropane production line. In accordance with the law of the people's Republic of China on environmental impact assessment and the regulations on the administration of environmental protection of construction projects, Jiangsu NANDA gold Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is entrusted by Changshu sanaifu Zhonghao new chemical materials Co., Ltd. to undertake the environmental impact assessment of the company's tetrafluoropropylene, pentafluoropropane and hexafluoropropane projects

after accepting the entrustment, Jiangsu NANDA gold Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. will conduct field survey and Research on the project site and collect relevant materials. At present, the preparation of the environmental impact statement of the project is nearly completed, and the following contents need to be announced to the public before the report is submitted for review

II. The possible impact of the construction project on the environment

(1) wastewater

the wastewater generated by the proposed project mainly includes HF alkali washing wastewater, newly added water-soluble, solvent-free and hot-melt adhesives. The equipment and ground washing water will have good development prospects New incinerator gas washing wastewater and new domestic sewage are to be mixed and discharged into the company's sewage treatment station for pretreatment, and then discharged into the park's sewage treatment plant for advanced treatment

(2) waste gas

the waste gas generated by the proposed project mainly includes the light removal waste gas (low boiling) generated by the rectification system, incinerator waste gas and unorganized exhaust gas. Among them, the light removal waste gas is planned to be collected by gas holder and then sent to the company's incinerator for incineration treatment, and finally discharged harmlessly. It is proposed to reduce the impact of incinerator waste gas and unorganized waste gas on the surrounding environment by setting atmospheric environment protection distance and strengthening the construction of green belt

(3) solid wastes

the solid wastes generated by the proposed project mainly include waste silica gel, distillation residue, waste water treatment sludge, waste packaging materials and domestic garbage in the production process of tetrafluoropropylene

the waste silica gel is to be sent back to the manufacturer for regeneration; Rectification residue (high boiling) is proposed to be sent to the company's incinerator for incineration; The sludge from wastewater treatment is mainly composed of CaF2, etc., which is to be sold as building materials after drying; Waste packaging materials are to be returned to the manufacturer for disposal; Domestic garbage shall be collected and treated by the environmental protection department. Finally, all solid wastes will be zero discharged

(4) noise

after the completion of the proposed project, the noise sources are mainly various pumps, compressors, fans and rectification equipment. After the noise reduction treatment such as plant sound insulation and the installation of anti vibration pads, the equipment operation noise has little impact on the environmental noise in the area. The noise at the plant boundary meets the requirements of class 3 standard in the emission standard for environmental noise at the boundary of industrial enterprises (GB) and will not exceed the standard

III. conclusion of environmental impact assessment

the proposed project belongs to the "production of organic silicon, organic fluorine and high-performance inorganic fluorine chemical products" in Article 9 of the "Interim Provisions on promoting industrial structure adjustment" (GF [2005] No. 40) and the "directory for guiding industrial structure adjustment in Jiangsu Province" (szbf [2006] No. 140) issued by the national development and Reform Commission on December 2, 2005. It does not belong to the construction of the project of Suzhou current restricted and prohibited industries oriented catalogue issued by Suzhou Development Planning Commission and Suzhou economic and Trade Commission in August, 2004. Conform to the requirements of the national industrial development plan and regional development plan, and conform to the principles of cleaner production and circular economy. All pollution control measures are appropriate. After effective treatment, it can ensure that the pollutants can stably meet the requirements of relevant standards, have little impact on the external environment, will not reduce the regional environmental function category, and can meet the total amount control requirements. Therefore, it is feasible for the proposed project to be constructed in Changshu fluorochemical Industrial Park in Jiangsu Province from the perspective of environmental protection under the premise that the construction party strictly follows the requirements of "three Simultaneities", ensures the normal operation of pollution control facilities and pays full attention to risk prevention

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