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On August 8, Chinese husband's day, the "husband's Day" activity jointly launched by piano cabinet and many well-known websites called on husbands to return to their families and cook a "husband's dish" for their wives in person

The 21st century has entered an era of rapid development. The fast-paced life has turned the dining tables of many families into fast food culture and hotel culture. But life is not all about speed. Slow life is about pursuing the quality of life and realizing the practical significance of life. The meaning of life is to enjoy the love and care brought about by the process of life, and the satisfaction brought about by creating love and care. By enjoying the warmth and happiness of life, otherwise life is like a machine, slowly losing people's sense of happiness. For example, the health status of fast-food families, dining families, microwave ovens and husband and wife, as well as the tension in family relations, have attracted people's attention

in the era of women's professionalization, wife's rights and husband's rights begin to move towards equal dialogue. What a wife needs is not only to fill her needs for home and love with diamonds and Western-style houses and cars, but also to understand and be grateful, as well as romance and expression beyond the rose of her husband. So, what should she do

on August 8, China's husband's day, the "husband's Day" activity jointly launched by piano cabinet and many well-known websites called on husbands to return to their families, cook a "husband's dish" for their wives in person, and look for Chinese traditional culture that communicates and exchanges feelings in a round the table way. Chinese husband's Day gives all husbands a very good reason to have a chance to try cooking by themselves, not to make a delicious meal, but to watch their poor cooking in the gentle eyes of their wives, which is more touching to their wives than the delicious fish fin seafood! In fact, what is needed for husband's Day is not that the husband shows his poor cooking skills, but that the husband, as the head of the family, how to use all his physical and mental love and care to affect the increasingly rigid emotions and dull husband and wife life in the married life, so as to add more interest to his future life

we advocate Chinese husband's day and hope to mobilize everyone to create a healthy and harmonious life concept and lifestyle. Perhaps, this is not enough to avoid the material love and money marriage of the too commercialized social atmosphere, but at least, we can make us better understand the hardship and difficulty of running housework as a wife through this transposition, and move ourselves and our lover in the ordinary and light busy




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