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You like Chinese style decoration. Do you want your colleagues who reveal Chinese style beauty at home to have a sense of fashion? Let's see how 5 details add charm and make Chinese style fashionable

move 1: the Chinese style is young, and the living room should be classical and noble, showing affinity

trick interpretation: the living room borrows the background wall to show the nobility of the living room. The golden mirror glass and the freely flowing ink quadruple wall are used as the theme wall of the living room, which not only has the noble spirit of the ancient court, but also has a lot of charm, which is the most memorable part of the whole space

move 2: the Chinese style is younger, and the restaurant should be modern in a round place.

interpretation of moves: the circular ceiling and the tiled floor in a zigzag shape. The interior design of this round place has been influenced by the Chinese geomantic theory, and it is very appropriate to use it in Chinese hospitality restaurants

move 3: Chinese style is young, and the kitchen is warm and lively.

interpretation of moves: where the kitchen is the most difficult to reflect Chinese space, modern kitchen equipment and cooking utensils will make people feel cold. Therefore, the ceiling of the kitchen can be replaced by wooden beams, which brings people a warm feeling

move 4: the Chinese style is younger, and the bedroom is dynamic and diverse, showing youth

interpretation of moves: the bedroom should pay attention to the size of Chinese decoration, and choose a large area of white space during early decoration, which can dilute the boredom of later Chinese furniture. Some materials (such as velvet) and methods (such as geometric arrangement) rarely used in traditional Chinese style can be boldly tried

move 5: the Chinese style is younger, and the combination of ancient and modern bathroom is modern.

interpretation of moves: from the shape design of windows to the decoration of doors and furniture, polygonal and other common elements in traditional Chinese houses are combined to give people a sense of Modernity; The lines on the top can not only bring continuity to the space, but also alleviate the hollow feeling brought by large pieces of white




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