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With the further improvement of science and technology and living standards, in addition to quality being the eternal pursuit of consumers, environmental protection has increasingly become a hot topic. Due to the convenience of installation and maintenance of glue free flooring, and more importantly, its environmental protection, it has become a new direction of the global flooring industry

installation matters of bakelite free flooring

I. The installation precision of bakelite free flooring requires high

the buckle design and bite precision of the floor latch installed without glue require high quality and machinability of the floor substrate to achieve the effect of precision, firmness and tightness

II. Treatment of moisture-proof layer of adhesive free floor

the adhesive free floor must be treated with a tight moisture-proof layer on the latch and the four sides around the floor, so that the latch body and the four sides after cutting are tightly sealed. Even if there is moisture or accidental flooding, as long as the products are treated in time, they will not be affected. Glue free installation can not only improve the construction speed, but also eliminate the link of cleaning the glue on the floor surface after the construction

III. precautions for the installation of glue free floor

at present, more than 90% of the problems of the floor are due to poor waterproof. It should be noted that in the process of cleaning, it is inevitable to mop the floor and spray water. Once these water enters the substrate, it will cause damage to the floor

IV. usage and performance characteristics of floor glue

solvent-free, green and environment-friendly products, in line with EU ROHS standards; Excellent initial adhesion and final adhesion strength; Convenient construction, economical consumption and high coating rate; Long opening time, durable and firm bonding; It is applicable to the base course of geothermal system

v. treatment of floor glue base course

the base course must be clean, free of sundries, flat, solid, dry and free of cracks. The base course with excessive water absorption shall be treated with Wanjun multifunctional water-based interface agent. Rough or uneven base course shall be leveled with Wanjun self leveling cement. The moisture content of new concrete and mortar layer must be tested, and construction can be carried out only when it is less than 4%. Otherwise, Hengsheng epoxy moisture-proof primer system can be used for moisture-proof treatment

VI. usage of floor glue

before use, the material should be stirred evenly, scraped evenly with a serrated scraper, and dried for about 5-30 minutes after glue application (judge the surface dryness by touching with your fingers). After laying the flooring, scrape it with a wooden board or roll it with a roller to eliminate the air and ensure that the adhesive layer is in full contact with the flooring. If necessary, it shall be compacted with heavy objects to avoid joint corners cocking. It is basically solidified after about 24 hours, and it can be walked after about 48 hours

VII. Scope of application of floor glue

it is suitable for bonding various plastic block floors, floor tiles (below 3.0mm), ordinary coiled floors, carpets and other floor materials on absorbent floors. In the case of suspension installation, glue free installation can no longer be used for bonding. The realization of glue free installation depends on some modifications in manufacturing technology





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