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Looking at the current door and window industry, brands are gradually increasing, and the competition among door and window enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. In the process of market development, some backward door and window enterprise brands have been eliminated. Although it is inevitable, this reshuffle always needs a long process. For door and window enterprises, only by complying with the development trend and continuously improving their core competitiveness can they promote their long-term development

wandering design needs to be connected with life

innovative design that meets people's needs at this stage should come from life, and life comes from the market. They are a triangular cycle and interconnected relationship. Consumers in today's era need door and window designs that are more life oriented and practical. Compared with the old door and window products, although some of them can also lead the trend in the market, there is still a certain distance on the whole. Therefore, door and window enterprises need centripetal force for door and window product design

comply with the spring tide and carry out environmental protection reform

in the future, the original driving force for important changes in the door and window industry is the awakening of consumers and the active guidance of door and window enterprises. Seeing the world's trendy door and window design products, they are all in line with the aesthetic pattern of people's living space, while maintaining the maximization of their practicality. At present, door and window enterprises are facing two major pressures from the storm of raw materials and environmental protection. Based on this, some door and window enterprises develop and use environmental protection materials and constantly want to reform the route. In short, the market environment is changing, and door and window enterprises should also actively seek change. We can grasp the changes of market trends in time from the aspects of door and window product design and material upgrading


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