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To decorate the kitchen, whether to buy the whole cabinet or invite the decoration company to make the cabinet is a problem that many consumers hesitate. People usually think that it is cheap to make cabinets with self purchased materials, which is actually a misunderstanding

when decorating the kitchen, many consumers are hesitant about whether to buy the overall cabinet or ask the decoration company to make the cabinet. People usually think that it is cheap to make cabinets with self purchased materials, which is actually a misunderstanding. Only by understanding the advantages and disadvantages of buying and doing, and combining with your own reality, can you choose a set of cabinets that are really suitable for you

comparison materials

self made cabinets often use ordinary laminates and ordinary hardware accessories. In this way, ordinary furniture can be used to make cabinets, which is difficult to resist the erosion of damp, high temperature and corrosive objects in the kitchen. The professional cabinets are made of high-grade fireproof boards that are corrosion-resistant and moisture-resistant, which are not easy to deform and damage, but also easy to clean. Therefore, after the cabinets produced by professional manufacturers have been used for several years, changing a style of door panel is equivalent to changing a new set of cabinets

than functional design

generally speaking, what can best reflect the scientific and technological content of the cabinet is its function and design. Ordinary cabinets generally have only the basic storage function, and lack of consideration in many aspects, such as how to take and place items and how to maximize the use of space

specific life

the service life of a set of high-quality cabinets can reach more than 10 years, and can be combined, adjusted and relocated according to demand. The vast majority of cabinets in decoration companies are made on site, which are directly used on walls such as shooting nails. If there is any change, it cannot be handled

safer than

generally, a whole kitchen includes kitchen cabinets, range hoods, gas stoves, cleaning pools and other large items, as well as some small items such as pendants and small corner cabinets. Refrigerators, ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers and other electrical appliances are arranged in appropriate positions to reduce potential safety hazards

cost performance ratio

overall kitchen customization, which provides three major needs: cabinets, decoration and electrical appliances. It saves time and effort to choose and buy. You can complete the whole set in one store, and the overall construction can also save time and cost. Combined with super practical functions, the cost performance ratio of customizing the overall kitchen is higher than that of hiring people. In addition, the overall kitchen is more comfortable, clean and efficient than traditional kitchens

compared with service

self made cabinets generally do not have effective quality assurance, and the commitment of "Carpenter" has no responsibility and legal effect, so it is difficult for you to make it clear. After using it for two months, if you encounter hidden quality problems that you ignore, you often regret that there is no place to complain and no one to repair

professional overall cabinet manufacturers usually provide one-stop services of design, transportation and door-to-door installation. Consumers can enjoy the legitimate rights and interests of quality acceptance, objection and rectification without spending energy. The service is very attentive. Don't be afraid of problems





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